The 59th Grammy Awards

With the Grammy’s just around the corner, the 59th Grammy nominees have finally been announced! Take a look at this year’s nominees and why we are so siked to have them nominated!

59th Grammy Nominees

Song Of The Year

1. Formation – Khalif Brown, Asheton Hogan, Beyoncé Knowles & Michael L. Williams II

The song is practically what every black person right around the world has been waiting for. Only a queen like Beyonce can deliver such a speech through the means of a song. While the song starts out as an ode to her haters, it soon turns into a diversified lifestyle that she led thanks to her roots.

The singer/songwriter did find the space to squeeze in a few controversial lines about her love life and a huge stanza about all the powerful black women in the world!

This Queen slays!

2. Hello – Adele Adkins & Greg Kurstin

You might be surprised to know this, but this iconic, hauntingly amazing song is not about an old flame with a boyfriend! This song is actually a song written by her to herself!

“My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record.”

Now that you know the real story behind this song, doesn’t it make you love it and relate to it only about 10,000 times more!?

3. I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner

Only in the year 2016 would it be possible for Mike Posner to find a breakthrough. What is actually a song written purely on the fact that he took a pill from some random person in Ibiza (while he was already drunk) turned into a sensation thanks to him jumping from the ‘Jason Mraz’ genre to the EDM genre. A smart calculated plan on his part!

The song was originally written as an acoustic song but, gained popularity when it was remixed.

4. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber, Benjamin Levin & Ed Sheeran

Whether this song was written about his former flame Selena Gomez or not, still remains a mystery. But, one thing is for sure, this Canadian pop artist has certainly hit the right spots with this song. Whether the fact that Ed Sheeran helped write this song has something to do with this, or if it is the simple music structure with those words that every person can relate to, or just the fact that this song might be saying some things about the Selena-Justin relationship; the song shot to fame, way above and beyond what was expected!

5. 7 Years – Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Pilegaard & Morten Ristorp

The song 7 Years has a lot to do with group member Lukas Graham’s father. The song which speaks of his past, present and future is closely related to everything Lukas’s father told him while he was still alive. The reason why the song passes the age of 60 is because Graham’s father passed away at the age of 61 and Lukas hopes to live way past that age.

Album Of The Year

1. 25 – Adele

It is to no surprise that Adele is one of the Grammy Nominees for the Album of the Year award. Although Adele did experience a huge writer’s block and many more struggles while writing this album, she finally found her breakthrough! Soon after the album was released, it was practically sold out! ‘25’ has already been certified Diamond by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Although Adele considered retiring from the music industry after the release of her previous album ‘21’, she soon stated that she was just taking ‘a break’. Her main reason behind her return is to show her son what his mom is really capable of!

If Adele should win the Album of the Year award, it will be her second win in this category!

2. Lemonade – Beyonce

Maybe four times is a charm for this queen. With her fourth nomination for Album of the year, we know one thing is for sure, there isn’t a single person out there who isn’t rooting for this win. It is about time that this Queen got her crown or in this case Grammy for Album of the year! Even Rolling Stones has this album listed as No.1 on their list!

After the first performance of the song ‘Formation’ from this album, many people opposed Beyonce but, many, MANY, more stood up for her, causing protests and anti-protests and a unified stand among all the black people in the country!

One thing is for sure, with 9 nominations, Lemonade is bound to win something, let’s hope for Beyonce’s sake that it is the Album of the Year, or maybe even all 9 awards!

3. Purpose – Justin Bieber

With a wide range of songs, all containing a huge meaning to them, this album is viewed by many as a timeline view – a regretful past and a hopeful future. With three of his four released singles topping the charts, Justin earned his first of his Grammy Nominees for the award for the Album of the Year!

While the album speaks about regrets in the past – flames, and behavior; it also gives us a peek into what it is like to live the life he lives (very apt considering the amount of criticism he received as a child star). Yet, another song speaks of how he wouldn’t put any pressure on anyone but, is willing to try things again with an old flame. (Does this mean he’s still interested in Selena or is there someone else from the past on his mind?)

It looks like this star made the right decision by collaborating with various other artists like Skrillex, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey!

4. Views – Drake

With only one Grammy award so far, Drake is probably rooting for a huge award like this one! This is his fourth nomination for the ‘Album of the Year’ award! With the song ‘One Dance’ from his album ranking at No.1 for 10 weeks on the Billboards Hot 100, and being No.1 on the charts in 10 countries, Drake shot to great fame!

The album ‘Views’ was originally supposed to be called ‘Views from the 6’, representing his hometown Toronto, Ontario. But, it was later shortened to the title ‘Views’. Sadly, the album was criticized by many critics saying that there was no constancy in his theme and was unartistic.

Thankfully for Drake, the Grammy’s seemed to thing different with their 8 Grammy Nominees for this album and the songs it contains!

5. A Sailor’s Guide To Earth – Sturgill Simpson

Let’s just all admit it out loud – We NEVER saw this one coming! Well, neither did Sturgill Simpson! While Sturgill is considered to be a country artist, this particular album does not really fall into that category or any category for that matter! In fact, most of us are even wondering what he is doing here!

His album ‘A Sailor’s Guide To Earth’ certainly has guts and power in it, but is also unorthodox at the same time. Critics are wondering how it is on this list, while others say that maybe he will pull a ‘Beck’ at this year’s awards! Either way, we wish him all the very best with his future endeavors!

Record Of The Year

1. Hello – Adele

Yet another nomination for this amazing hauntingly attractive song that Adele wrote to herself!

2. Formation – Beyonce

This is the third nomination for Beyonce, out of her spectacular 9 nominations!

3. 7 Years – Lukas Graham

This Danish band is going places with this one single album! They managed to snag a total of three nominations at this year awards!

4. Work – Rihanna Featuring Drake

Both of these Grammy Nominees, Rihanna and Drake, have snagged 8 Grammy Nominees each, just one shy of the Queen – Beyonce!

5. Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

The controversial group Twenty One Pilots, managed to get approval for three Grammy Nominations!

Don’t miss the 59th Grammy Awards which will air live on the 12th of February, 2017!