Contouring Like A Pro!

Kim Kardashian may have dissed contouring but, it is one makeup trend that is still very much in vogue! Where most women miss the target, is the way they use and incorporate contouring in their daily makeup regime. Like varied body types, your face also has a distinct structure. If broken down as a proper art, contouring cannot be done the same way for all face types as each facial structure has different high, with shadow points that have to be highlighted and contoured accordingly. This is why we have simplified different ways of contouring for different face shapes.

Contouring For Different Face Shapes

1. Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Shaped Face


A diamond shaped face is a mix of most face structures. While the face is longer than it is wide, the chin is rather pointed and the forehead is narrower than the cheekbones.

diamond shape

Contouringr for different face shapes like this particular one, more emphasis is to be laid on shaping the cheekbones and the traditional contour points starting from the ears, right up till the area under the cheekbones.

2. Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face

A person with a heart shaped face has cheekbones that are wider than the hairline and a rather pointed chin. A proper heart shaped face also has the hair growing out on the forehead in the shape of a widow’s peak.

Since the cheekbones are slightly wider in this case, the contour needs to focus more on the hairline and the sides of the temple so as to give it a softened slender look. To perfect contouring for face shapes like a heart-shaped face, contour the area under the jaw as well.

3. Oval Shaped Face

Oval Shaped Face

If your face shape resembles roughly an upside down egg and is slender with no end points, then you have an oval face. Contouring for different face shapes like this is really tricky as your face is already slimmer than most face types women have.

oval shape

Just apply some slight contour under your hairline to make it look narrower and then add some contour below your cheekbones. Remember to use a light hand!

4. Long Shaped Face

Long Shaped Face

If you have a face which is slightly elongated but, the hairline and the jawline are just as wide as each other, then you have a Long Shaped face.

long face

In this case, put more emphasis on the forehead, hairline and the area starting from the ears and ending below your cheekbones.

5. Circle Shaped Face

Circle Shaped Face


Your face essentially has no end points and resembles a perfect circle, then you have a round shape face.

round face

To contour a face which is round, narrow the forehead and jawline, along with contouring the sides of the face in a continuous curve so as to make the face look slimmer.

6. Square Shaped Face

Square Shaped Face

If your face is geometrically as long as it is wide, then you have a square shaped face. Your hairline and jawline are pretty much the same length as well. The contouring trick for this face structure is to make the hairline and the jawline look narrower than it is.

Apply contour on the sides of your forehead and under your jawbone. Also, apply a shadow on the area under your cheekbones, starting from your ears to the middle of your cheeks.

Contouring For Different Face Shapes – Tip

Contouring is also an art to be perfected based on yours skin tone. It is essential to avoid harsher contour shades for your makeup needs especially if you want to contour on a daily basis. The easiest trick is to pick a contour shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone and you are set!

Best Contouring Products in the Market

When it comes to buying the perfect contour product, the market can have us in a dizzy because, there are scores of products out there that claim to be the best! We have the top 7 contour products sorted for you to help you make a better choice.

There might be foundations or concealer sticks in the recommendations below, the trick is to pick a shade 2-3 times darker than your skin tone for it to work as the perfect contour.