Fitness Tracker Watch

Your original fitness tracker watch might have counted the number of steps you have taken for the day but, these days the best fitness tracker watch will cover you right from the features offered by heart rate watches to your best calorie tracker watch, all using Bluetooth and GPS trackers. Of course, you will have to keep the battery energy in mind, as well as the style. After all, if you’re going to be using this everyday then it ought to be something trendy and fashionable, right? Thankfully, the latest fitness watches do offer a wide range in design.

What Is A Fitness Tracker?

What Is A Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker watch or an activity tracker watch helps with weight loss by helping you keep track of your calorie consumption, fitness/activity and heart rate. This is designed to help with long term weight loss the healthy way.

Some of the best workout watches even offer GPS trackers, bluetooth, and sleep tracker. The bluetooth watches allow you to hook onto a computer for better long-term tracking.

While these features are designed to make sure to keep a track of your daily activity, it is important that you keep a keen eye on your calorie intake and the number of calories you burn.

What Are Calories?

But what exactly are these calories? Scientifically, a calorie is a unit of energy, it can be referred to energy consumption through eating and drinking, and energy usage through physical activity. Thus calories are essential for human health, without energy our cells would die, our heart and lungs would stop functioning, the key is to know the right amount of calories that our body requires.

The calorie requirement of each individual differs on the basis of their age, gender, size and they kind of physical activities they indulge in. If we consume just the number of calories our body needs everyday, we will probably enjoy a fruitful and healthy life.

If our calorie consumption is too high or too low, for long periods of time, we are bound to face health complications.

You can even find a watch that tracks calories burned if you only want to keep track of your calorie count.

Best Activity Tracker Watch

The best fitness watch tracker ought to have the above mentioned features as well as good water resistance and great battery life. Here is our list of the top fitness tracker watches based on these and the best rated fitness tracker watches available. Keep in mind that there are many new fitness trackers coming out by the day.

1. Best Wearable Fitness Tracker – Garmin Fitness Tracker

The Garmin fitness watch – Vivosmart HR+ is the best fitness watch and has even won the award for the Fitness Tracker of the Year at the Wearable Tech Awards 2016. Most deserving so, it is an activity band with the best hr fitness tracker – a 24/7 optical HR. You can easily swipe through screens on the Vivosmart HR+ home screen.

  • It is also a fitness heart rate monitor watch, recording and keeping track of your heart rate all day.
  • In fact, it is known as the best GPS fitness tracker watch.
  • It automatically tracks the number of calories you burn in the day.
  • The activity tracker on the Vivosmart HR+ is fantastic and accurate.
  • It has an automatic sleep tracking system.
  • The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ can also broadcast heart rate to other Garmin devices.
  • When paired with your phone all notifications appear on the tracker.
  • It has an excellent battery life and is a top notch performer in the list of fitness trackers.

2. Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – FitBit Alta

A Fitbit Alta is a wireless activity band with a calorie counter. It is a slim and stylish device. It is so far the best-looking product of Fitbit. Its multiple attractive features make it an ideal fitness companion. It is simple to use, accurate and looks good.

  • The FitBit Alta tracks all day activity like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.
  • It provides an estimate of the calories burned based on personal traits like gender and weight.
  • You can set your daily goals in it and then check how many you have achieved.
  • The Fitbit Alta can also we used at night to track your sleep cycle.
  • Its data can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
  • The Fitbit Alta is waterproof and lightweight.

3. The Best Exercise Watch – Polar Fitness Watch

The Polar A360 is a health watch, calorie counter, fitness tracker with a wrist-based fitness heart rate watch. It has a polar personalized training guidance and smartwatch features like smart notifications and a color touchscreen. This activity watch is useful for recreational athletes who require essential heart rate and timing features.

  • It helps you train at the right intensity, measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress.
  • This workout tracker calculates the number of calories burned during a training session based on your height, age, gender, your maximum heart rate and how hard you’re training.
  • It is a very precise and a user-friendly product.
  • It includes a polar specific activity guide which supports you with motivational feedback to help you reach your goals.

4. Best Health Tracker – Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1 is the best fitness tracker band and rose to wide success because of its multiple features like containing a Bluetooth fitness tracker and also because it was easy on the pocket. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an upgraded version of the former. The MiFit app stores your fitness information under a Xiaomi user account. Considering the price, excellent battery life, useful notifications, and eye-catching design, the Mi Band 2 is a good value fitness tracker.

  • It possesses a 0.42″ OLED display, bigger battery, improved HR sensor and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is dust and waterproof.
  • Its software automatically calculates distance and burnt calories and transfers them to the MiFit app upon sync.

5. Best Exercise Tracker – Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a calorie counter, a fitness tracker with a tinge of smartwatch mixed in. It takes all the data of the day and gives you a log of what you’ve been up to. The display screen turns off to save battery when you’re not looking at it and the display turns back on when you hold your wrist up. Overall it is a useful and valuable product.

  • It has a built-in GPS.
  • The screen is wide, it has a robust media player and shows a full map of your run provided by the built-in GPS function.
  • It can auto detect and track steps, calories, and sleep.
  • The calorie counter appears on a right swipe of the home screen.
  • It can also automatically detect the time you’re sleeping.

6. Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate – Nike+ FuelBand SE

The FuelBand SE is an upgraded version of the Nike+ FuelBand. “Fuel” is Nike’s attempt to fairly measure activity levels of individuals compared to one another. The FuelBand app allows you to connect with other FuelBand users who have Facebook and compare your progress with them. It is a user-friendly device with a desirable level of functionality.

  • This version has a much improved battery life, Bluetooth 4.0 for continuous syncing and also more water resistance.
  • It has a sleek design and can also connect to your Facebook friends list.
  • The FuelBand app calculates your daily average activity and compares it against earlier performances.
  • The display shows the time, steps, calories burned and “fuel’.