Dermaplaning entails the removal of facial hair and dead skin cells from the body. The exfoliating treatment leaves the skin soft and smooth with a blackhead tool like Dermapore, a pore extractor, and serum infuser from Dermaflash. One might decide to do it at home using the right DIY tools or visit the spa and have it done by an expert.

Is the Process Safe?

The process is painless but can be a bit tickly. Inexperienced people might experience light, harmless cuts. If you opt to do it at home, you should consider investing in a Dermaflash device because the company’s products have elastic bands that prevent injuries. Another great thing about using Dermapore is that it works for dry, oily, standard, and combination skin types.

Another blackhead tool for home dermaplaning is the Dermaflash Luxe, which uses a single-use blade slipped inside the device. It’s famous for its use by people preparing for significant events because it removes excess hair from the jawline, leaving a smooth sensation.

Is Dermaplaning Good for Everyone?

According to experts, you should know your skin type before dermaplaning. People with facial lesions – including cold sores, eczema, pustular acne, and rosacea – shouldn’t use dermaplane tools. Sunburned and windburned people should also keep away from the process. However, Dara Levy, the founder of Dermaflash, points out that individuals with elevated open sores and active acne might be able to use Dermaflash blackheads tools only if the breakouts have calmed down. She warns that dermaplaning on Accutane should be avoided at all costs

The Benefits of Using Dermapore Ultrasonic Extractor and Serum Infuser

Unlike other devices, this tool cleans and infuses serum simultaneously, leaving the skin smooth. Besides, Dermapore not only removes blackheads and dirt but also deep cleans pores. The process enhances the absorption of the active ingredients in various skin products with ease.

How to Use the Dermapore Blackhead Tool

The Dermaflash device uses its “extract” and “infuse” modes to produce a healthier and brighter complexion. The uniquely shaped spatula head accesses tight areas of the skin in a comfortable way that won’t irritate the dermaplaner. For best results, consider using Dermapore at least three times a week. You must remove makeup and cleanse the skin before starting the dermaplaning process. However, the surface of the skin must be kept wet throughout the process.

Pressing the power button once starts the Dermapore device in extraction mode, which is indicated by a white light and steady vibration. Gently gliding the device over both the face and neck, the user should apply moderate pressure on the device. After completing the extraction process, wipe the device with soap and water or alcohol.

After applying the serum on the skin, press the power button twice to ignite infusion mode, which is indicated by a blue light and tapping vibration. Gliding the blackhead tool over the serum using the flat side of the spatula enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients in the skincare product. Lastly, massage the remaining serum over the skin.

How Dara Levy Started Dermaflash

Dara Levy started Dermaflash in 2015 to provide a hygienic way of removing layers of dead skin cells. She decided to bring the services offered at her med spa in Chicago to the hands of women in their homes. Dermaflash, headquartered in Chicago, applies proprietary edge and sonic vibration technology on its blackhead tool to sweep away unwanted particles on the skin.