Winter Wonderland Fashion Time!

Yes! You guessed it right, it is that time of the year again when the snooze of your alarm is no less than a siren buzzing all loud in your ears, muddling your snuggled slumber. Chilly winters – where you wish nothing disturbs your hibernation and the point where all those men’s winter essentials come out.

As soon as we hear the word winter, all that comes to our mind is sipping some hot chocolate with cookies, yummy puddings, snowcapped mountains, and conversations by the fireside, and all your warm clothes. Ever so often, we tend to talk about taking care of the side effects of this inclement weather, like taking care of your skin and hair but, winters are much beyond that and it gives us no reason to not put our best foot forward and to be fashion upgraded. So it’s high time you prepare your closet for some “winter typical Elan”!!!

Here are the 10 winter essentials for all you “MEN” – yes you heard it right, this time it’s “MEN”.  So, here are some tips this winter, so that you keep looking your debonair and gallant self, even in this harsh winter:

10 Men’s Winter Essentials Must-Haves

1. A Weather-Ready Parka

Don’t be left out, for its cold outside. You can turn some heads along with some goofy warmth by adorning this parka and still look sleek at the same time. The best part is that it can sometimes cheat people with its unisex appeal acting multipurpose at the same time.

2. A Good Layering Sweater

This is the one thing that has been in the game since eons now and is still playing hard. These are the essentials which will keep you warm and cozy while adding to your style quotient. There are tons of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from.  Donegal wool cardigans to Cashmere pullovers to V-Neck sweaters which can be worn with jeans or sleek trousers.

3. Jackets

Also addressed as “Basics of a Man”, Jackets are something which can be customized to the need of the moment, catering to all the arrays like formal, casual, or semi-formal to urban-chic. You get a wide variety of options ranging from Leather jackets, Rocket jackets, Motorcycle jackets, Fit Quilted jackets to Fit waxed cotton field jackets. Just pair it up with some classy aviators and you’re ready to go!

4. Shirt Jackets

As winter is all about layering, what better way than to do it than with a flannel shirt jacket, making them something different from the regular shirts. These are a definite favorite men’s winter essentials!

5. Dark Wash Jeans

No Closet is complete without a couple of pair of jeans. For winters, we tend to stick with heavier fabrics and deeper colors but, instead of going clichéd all the time, we can always use something that is always available like jeans. This adds to our comfort, which can be teamed up with a myriad range of choices like sweaters, jackets, and formal shirts.

6. A Puffer Vest

Vests are great layering pieces. They look sharp layered over a shirt, sweater or a denim shirt (only adding more warmth). They also work layered under a heavier coat when it is quite a brutal day outside

7. A Wool Beanie

Wearing a hat or a pair of ear muffs is boring and clichéd, but when it comes to making it stylish, you can never go wrong with a wool beanie. The beanie in question completely transforms your look, undeniably, turning all the heads. It is also probably the most economic accessory yet the most stylish at the same time.

8. A Proper Wool Overcoat

All weather parkas and puffer jackets are best suited with inclement weathers, but when the weather is slightly better, overcoats are the most trusted and the widely chosen option for casual day to day routine like commuting for office or formal events, this will serve, either way, making you look uber chic at the same time.

9. A Scarf That Can Stand Up To The Elements

This is an accessory which can be teamed up with umpteen options in a multifarious manner, in ways, you would never even think of. These men’s winter essentials are the most diversely utilized and the most vividly eccentric option at the same time.

10. Suede Loafers

Materials like suede, and shoes made out of them, are like a made-for-each-other combo. These suede loafers can be used for not only winters but, also in summer. They go with anything on earth and this is one must have accessory which you can never go wrong with.