Weird Makeup Blenders

It all first began with the introduction of makeup dupes, rip-offs of originals. They may not be as good but can still get the job done. But, of course, even those dupes were not in our budget and we were ‘forced’ to resort to using makeup hacks. We have those hacks that are amazing and make sense to use and hacks like the one’s mentioned below that are just crazy. Take a look at these ten weird makeup blenders which are not actually blenders or made for makeup at all!

1. Bra Insert

It all began when Huda Beauty Queen decided to skip waiting around for the SiliSponge, and try out a bra insert instead. This hack began the trend of using pretty much anything to apply your makeup.

2. iPhone

This video may seem quite normal to you until he pulls out his iPhone and uses it to apply his foundation! While it seems to have worked pretty well, it would’ve been cheaper for Salih to just buy a blender, don’t you think?

3. Fidget Spinner

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’ve ever held a fidget spinner then you will know how awesome it actually is. But, I wouldn’t go so far as to use it to apply my makeup!

Using a sock to apply your foundation and contour seems like the perfect solution for when you apply way too much makeup. After all, a sock would not just blend but also soak up way more product than your normal beauty blender. Hack?  I think not!

5. Hard Boiled Eggs

Ah Yes! The perfect way to lose some weight. Why eat your breakfast when you can just use it on your face? (Please don’t tell me that you’re actually gonna attempt to wash and eat it when you’re done!) However, be warned not to apply too much pressure while applying the foundation. You do not want smelly yolk all over your face, do you?

6. Tampons

This is not just a weird makeup blenders hack but a weird beauty hack all together. Considering the fact that tampons are made to SOAK up liquids, I’m not quite sure how using it would even help at all. Ashley seems to find many more �?weird makeup blenders’ like lemons, strawberries, light bulbs, CDs, and her recent – a knife.

7. Condoms

To compliment the tampon blender is the condom blender. This hack involves placing your beauty blender inside a condom so that it does not get dirty – What!? Do people not realize that condoms are self-lubricated so technically you’re putting lubricate all over your face AND allowing it to soak into your blender! Gross!

8. Playstation Remote

Yes, another one of Salih’s weird makeup blenders – a  Playstation remote. This gives a whole to twist to the term �?gamer girl’. This hack is not only offensive to gamers around the world but, once again, I’m not sure his counts as a hack as not everyone can afford a Playstation!

9. Dish Sponge

A makeup sponge can be any sponge, right? Beauty blogger Maria decided to go ahead and try using a kitchen scourer to apply her foundation, contour, and bake! Did it work? Yes, it did! Is it better than a real makeup blender? Definitely not.

10. Tomato/Baby Bottle

Instagrammer Atreona Willis (@Curvy_Cartel) first shot to fame when she used a tomato for a flawless blend. Since then she has decided to take things up a notch by using a baby bottle! She claims that it actually worked quite well as it was easy to reach under the eye.

*Atreona has taken down the images and videos from her account on Instagram.

11. Heels

Sadia woke up one day and decided, let’s do my makeup using a shoe! Wait, not just any shoe, let’s use my LOUBOUTINS. She covers it with cling wrap and smears her makeup all over her face. She even uses the heels for a sharp contour!

Important: Hygiene Matters!

Makeup blenders are specifically designed so that they do not cause any irritation to the skin. Using items that are not meant for this purpose can lead to breakouts and even allergies.

*Disclaimer: Although we have mentioned so many weird makeup blenders that you can use, we do not recommend that you do so, for your own safety. This article was written in a lighter tone and not meant to cause harm or insult to anyone.  Most of the bloggers mentioned above have experimented purely for the pleasure of doing something fun and do not use these blenders on a daily basis. This article is subject to change without notice.