Gigi Hadid Beauty Tips

What does supermodel, Gigi Hadid, have that you do not? A killer bod and a skin and beauty regimen, which every woman who loves fashion and beauty would die for. Take a look at these Gigi Hadid Beauty Tips!

How To Look Like Gigi Hadid

1. Washing Hair Every Day? Please!

No, if you want your hair to dry out and become frizzy, faster than usual, then washing your hair every day is advisable. Gigi advocates the philosophy of washing your hair twice in a week at the most, as it retains the moisture in the hair and does not leave it lackluster.

2. Wild Eyebrows

Do not make the most committed beauty faux-pas and trim and shape your eyebrows out of their natural shape. Let your brows grow on their own! These particular Gigi Hadid Beauty Tips have been adopted by many other models, like Cara Delevingne!

 3. The Moisturizer-Makeup Balance

Being a supermodel is no walk in the park. You have to don outrageous amount of makeup and still ensure that your skin is hydrated and not dull. Gigi Hadid Beauty Tips states that the secret to dealing with oodles of makeup is that she compensates the over application and use of makeup, with incorporating generous amounts of moisturizer in her makeup and post-makeup routines.

4. Take Your Face Seriously

Being the face of top brands around the world is no easy task and with it comes to the responsibility to look flawless all the time. Gigi says that the trick to having the perfect glowing face is to make sure that you follow a strict cleansing routine for the face, including the use of face-specific beauty and cleansing products.

5. Minimal Is More

Gigi is the queen of minimalism, whenever spotted out and about. Even with her makeup, she follows the same mantra. She believes in bare-face makeup, and for her, the most precious of all Gigi Hadid Beauty Tips is that less is always more. We could not agree more!

6. Toothpaste To The Rescue

The supermodel and runway star does not comply with expensive cosmetic treatments to treat the spots and blemishes on her skin. She uses the trusted ‘dab the toothpaste on the spot’ trick that was handed over to her by her mother.

7. Scrub Your Lips

This season is all about the perfect lips and eyes, and so the emphasis on a proper lip care routine is not misplaced. Gigi suggests you use a good quality scrub to exfoliate your lips and keep them supple and soft.

8. Cleansing Wipes Are A Must

Gigi always travels with a pack of cleansing wipes! No matter what the beauty emergency is, the wipes come to her rescue almost all the time.

9. Toothbrush As A Hair Styling Tool

Get that perfect slick ponytail with the help of some taming with a toothbrush. Using a toothbrush as a hair styling tool and combing through your hair to tie a ponytail is a super Gigi Hadid beauty tips secret!

10. Let Your Skin Breathe

There is no comparison to a bare-face no-makeup look, especially for Gigi. She is a strong believer of not wearing makeup at places and times where it can be avoided. Beaches, according to her, are a place where makeup is a strict no-no. It is all about letting your skin breathe and heal.

11. Eat Healthy

Apart from the occasional splurge on cheat meals, Gigi believes in a balanced and healthy eating lifestyle. Though looking at her figure, we doubt she ever cheats at all!

12. Use A Clear Deodorant

Being a supermodel means that you have to be in the limelight and in front of the camera almost always. Hence, a tinted deodorant is something Gigi keeps at an arm’s length because she does not want her skin to look blotchy and patched in pictures. Instead, she opts for a clear un-tinted deodorant. And so should you!

Like they say, Rome was not built in a day. To become like Gigi, you have got to start somewhere and these Gigi Hadid beauty tips and tricks are definitely going to lead you in that direction!