Finding suitable websites online to watch movies or seasons in high quality is a frustrating searching procedure. I myself get frustrated due to the constant pop-ups, ads and poor quality of content available. We come across several of the platforms which provide this very service but only a few of them are providing quality to its users. Solar Movie and Putlocker etc. have set the bar so high that we don’t find other sites so appealing in terms of quality and service. Solar Movie is like google of movies, TV shows and much more.

Quality and speed are our main concerns whenever we stream some show or movie online. Well, quality is totally dependent on the website whereas speed is more likely dependent on the internet service provider. If you’re facing speed issues with your internet service provider then you better check Cox internet service to find yourself a suitable package for your locality.

Other factors that are of great consideration to the audience of such sites are that of video quality options (HD, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) which can be viewed on big screens as well. For a long time, SolarMovie has been our go-to place for HD movies and shows but now there are other quality platforms which are providing great services.

We created this article to introduce you all with those platforms that are providing similar or even better services than those of SolarMovie. Let’s discuss them without any further delay:

Top 20 SolarMovie Alternatives Of 2019! is my go-to place if I have to watch any show or movie in HD quality right after they are released. This platform has been my savior when it comes to the Game of Thrones Season 8. I happen to live on that side of the world where the episode gets released at 6 of the clock in the morning. My first thing to do on Monday is to hop in my car and get to my office; my first task at the office is to watch the episode of Game of Thrones that freshly got released. I don’t scroll through any social media platforms in order to avoid spoilers and unwanted information, as much as I can. I can totally rely on this platform in terms of quality and instant accessibility to the new episodes and movies in the market. As long as my needs are met, I’m happy with this website.


Rainierland is another platform which displays high-quality movies after a short time of their release. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to enjoy your movie or show in the full-screen mode, whereas many other sites don’t provide this basic feature. This platform provides several amazing features. Among those amazing features, the coolest one is that you don’t have to get yourself registered on the platform. You can watch quality movies without signing up or paying anything. It is an absolutely free platform and you are not bombarded with ads which make one of the best sites to stream movies online. It is quite similar to SolarMovie.


MyDownloadTube is another amazing platform to watch movies online. As the name suggests, it also allows you to download your favorite movie or show available on the platform to your hard disk drive. These downloading features allow you to view the downloaded data even without the access of the internet, or else you can watch them on the go, or later, on the bus, train or airplane. If you haven’t come across this platform till now then explore it right away.


Putlockerwatch is the godfather of online movie sites. Everyone is aware of its potential and quality service. It has been around providing this service for a very long time now. It provides this free online movie structure with a friendly interface which has earned Putlocker a strong reputation in this industry. It is one of the most recommended platforms to stream online movies and series. Keep reading to find other alternatives to sites like SolarMovie, and Putlocker itself.


If you’re looking for old and latest TV series online then CouchTurner is the best place for you to visit. This website does not only contain movies but also has several of the series available to stream online. You can find the oldest of all television series on this platform. Enjoy episodes of your favorite TV shows for hours and hours. Explore the platform right away to find yourself your favorite lost TV shows.


Housemovie is another platform similar to that of the Solarmovie which works as a movie search engine for the users. You can find a movie of every genre over here for free. Just put the name in the search bar and viola it will dig down to find it for you. It will provide you with several links to different qualities against a single search. You can watch on any of the suggested links, whichever suits you best. It has grown to be giant in this industry and has been in business for a very long time now.


Well, who isn’t familiar with Putlocker? I guess there’s no such individual. It has been in the market for a very long time and is a famous movie search engine. It has a very user-friendly interface and provides HD movies and TV series. It is updated daily with the new content so that everyone can enjoy it for free. If you cannot happen to find Game of Thrones latest episode after its release anywhere else, then this should be your go-to place.


The website is available in several of the languages and provides you with a great many options against a single movie search. You can find almost every movie on this platform whether it’s French or German, classic or action, comedy or drama. This website will not disappoint you at all and will make your experience with it, amazing. It is another great alternative for SolarMovie.


The reason why crackle exists in this list is that it offers movies and Hollywood shows absolutely free. However it shows some ads, but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re streaming free online movies and shows. You can also operate it on tablets, smart TV and even on some game consoles like PS4, Xbox, etc. You’ll be glad to know that the content on the website is sponsored by Sony which is why you can expect the content catalog to be huge. Action, mystery, Sci-Fi, drama thriller anything you name it and you’ll find quality links to them on this website.


123Movies is another major website in the market providing quality service to the masses. Rather than watching movies and shows online, you can also utilize 123Movies to listen to songs online. It has this wide collection of classic and latest albums and singles to keep you amused at all times. It is another widely used alternative to SolarMovie. If you weren’t familiar with it, then visit the website to experience quality at its best. It has everything you’re looking for.


It is my personal favorite website as it doesn’t tie you up in any sort of commitment, rather, allows you to enjoy your time without spending a dime. You don’t have to sign up to avail full services of the website rather you can find yourself all the latest and classic movies with a single click. You can even enjoy foreign movies as the platform provide subtitles to all the movies which make them all the more easy to understand.

The site also offers you renting and buying a movie online. You will find more than 18000 movies and 5000 television shows on this platform.


SnagFilms is another suitable alternative to SolarMovie. It is a new website compared to the other discussed platforms. Its amazing service qualified it to make it to this list. The reason what makes this website so special is the fact that it only presents content in the best quality which makes the user’s experience wonderful. It also provides several of the options to choose from which involves latest and old content both. You should certainly not forget about SnagFilms while finding yourself a suitable alternative to the above-mentioned sites or SolarMovie itself.


This user-friendly site offers the same services as the other websites do, mentioned in the list. You can find a quality print of the movies from the moment they get released. It also allows you to search for movies by category and introduce you to the new interesting movies which you had not seen before.


GoMovies is created by the makers of 123Movies. This site will surely give you hours and hours of entertainment. GoMovies provide friendliest of all interfaces to interact with; it introduces you to several of the options to choose from. It facilitates the users with a number of options against a single search, which allows you to choose from the quality link of your choice.

You can bring your childhood days back by finding all the old TV series on this platform.


In my opinion, MoviesCo has the most welcoming interface among the other websites mentioned in the list with the features that will help you find your desired result with just a few clicks. MoviesCo allows you to enjoy the movies on full screen. It shows limited ads which makes it a suitable alternative for SolarMovie. You can even put it up on family movie night to enjoy smooth HD movies with great audio quality.


It is another best site available for several years in this industry. It has a very simple and interactive interface which provides ease of accessibility. The platform offers movies and television shows of every genre to keep you all entertained at all times. Afdah launch tons of premieres every week. You can absolutely count on this platform for all the new movies and TV shows. Check Afdah now to enjoy a variety of movies without even getting stuck. However, online streaming requires a reliable internet connection which provides consistent great speeds to keep the things flowing. Search for best internet service providers by address to find the most effective one.


M4ufree is another amazing website which allows you to filter the available content via genre, release date, and quality, etc. This site is a reliable alternative to every other website mentioned in this article. It provides instant streaming without any lag. You can take advantage of the content available without signing up or paying any fee. Apart from the free movies, you can also find the latest TV series on this platform. They constantly update episodes of the on-going dramas after their release.


It is a feature-rich website which offers top-notch service. It contains a huge repository of high rated movies. The site provides reviews and ratings to all the available movies which help you in making a decision. Sort the movies and TV series by genre and viola you’re good to go. It contains all the recently released movies and dramas in high quality.


123movieshub is another amazing alternative of SolarMovie. Apart from its nice wide directory it also allows you to stream from various mirrors so that you can switch to some other server in case one link is not working and/or providing quality. It is one of my go-to sites to watch the latest episodes of many on-going series.

This site has one of the best navigation and makes the search really easy for the user. Its amazing navigation and quality content are what qualifies it to our list.


If you are fed up of thinking what is wrong with SolarMovies when your system crashes then it’s high time to move to YesMovies. This site will never fail you whether it be in terms of quality or speed etc. It will never collapse your system or bother you with unnecessary pop-ups and ads. You can stream movies online from their wide directory without even signing up or paying any registration fee.

All the discussed sites are the most suitable alternatives to not only SolarMovie but also for one another. I hope the article has introduced you with quality websites which will help you in viewing HD content.