Self Tanning Products

The sun is playing peek-a-boo and you are already feeling the winter chill. Getting yourself a bronzed-up tanned look in such a setting is no less than a dream.I mean, how do you tan in winter outside?? And so, we have the perfect 3 step application with the perfect, dreamy Self Tanning Products in winter season.

Steps On How To Self-Tan In Winter

Step 1 – Pre-Application

1. Choosing the Right Product

The market is flooded with self tanning products and choosing the right product for your skin is the key. If you are impatient about getting your tan on, then you can choose products which have instant tanning results.  Alternatively, you can choose a tanning product which has a gradual tanning effect.

If you have sensitive skin, then choose a separate tanner for your face. And be very particular about choosing the product which has the right color that you require.

2. Wax Up!

While you prep for the big self-tanning, wax up real good. Make sure to rid your body of extra and unwanted hair before you get on with the application process. If you attempt to wax after you self-tan, you might end up ruining the tan and blotching it in places.

3. Exfoliate From Head To Toe

Cleanse and deep-exfoliate your pores, all over the body, for a more complete self-tanning experience. Concentrate on areas that have a tougher skin like the knees and the elbows.

Moisturize gently after exfoliating your body, as the skin tends to dry out during the winter. Should this happen it will ruin the whole self-tan in winter application process. So, do not skip moisturizing!

4. Pat Dry And Be Patient

A self-tanning product will fail miserably if interfered with by water or humidity of any sort. The key to a good tanning procedure is to insure that your skin is completely dry and moisture free when you apply the product on your body.

Step 2 – Application

1. Gloves! Gloves! And Gloves!

The whole procedure will be totally redundant if you get all the self-tan residues on your hands while applying the product. Always remember to put on a pair of long sleeved latex gloves before using the product on yourself.

2. Bottom To The Top

Start your self-tan in winter application from your legs and work upwards to the torso and then arms. This cycle of application applies to both spray and self-tanning cream.

Avoid areas and crevices that are normally hidden on your sunny day out like the sides of the foot and the area between the toes as they tend to tan a lot lesser than other exposed areas of the body.

3. Apply On Face And Neck

Move upwards and apply the product on the neck in smooth gliding strokes. Concentrate majorly on areas that you naturally tan, like the apples of your cheeks, forehead, chin and the nose.

Apply the product in small quantities and even it out as you do not want excess product darkening your skin abnormally. Apply petroleum jelly on your brows to not let it darken as the rest of your face.

4. Blend At The Joints

Ankles, knee joints, elbows and other joints are the areas where the self-tanning product needs to be blended well. Do not skip this part as the skin tends to fold and unfold at these places, drastically giving the tanning product a lot of room to spread unevenly.

5. Patience Is The Key

Waiting out the entire process and application in itself is something that will require you to have a lot of time and patience. If you rush through the application or do not give ample post-application time, for the product to settle, you will end up with a rather horrid experience.

Step 3 – Post-Application

1. Cover Missed-Out Spots

Identify spots that you may have missed in the first leg of the application process and cover them up with the self-tanning product. Take extra care to use very limited quantity of the product, for this purpose, so that you do not overdo it.

2. Bleach To The Rescue

Similarly, if you think you have used too much product in some areas, then immediately rub it with lemon to stop the darkening process. You can also use a mild bleach to lighten that area if it is too tanned.

3. Moisturize Amply

Be generous with the moisturizer after you have completed the tanning process. In case your skin tends to crack or get dry with synthetic applications, moisturizing will give it a healthy glow and feel.

4. Re-apply For A Darker Tan

If you need to look like you spent more than a few hours on the beach, then pull out your self-tan in winter product for a reapplication!