Whether you have made up your mind to undergo labiaplasty to relieve discomfort or for aesthetic reasons, knowing details about the procedure can help you prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Particularly, when it comes to recovery and healing, these are some things you should expect after you have undergone the surgery:

You will feel some pain and discomfort.

As with any other surgical procedure, you feel some throbbing and stinging in your incision site. Some bruising and swelling are also to be expected, especially during the first few days. However, some pain and discomfort are normal and is completely manageable.

You will need to take your meds.

To manage the pain that you will feel after the procedure, you will be asked by your doctor to take some prescribed medication. Pain relievers will be given to alleviate your discomfort and some antibiotics will also be prescribed to prevent surgical site infection. Ice packs will also be advised to help reduce the swelling in the surgical site.

You will need to carefully keep the area clean.

In addition to medication, your plastic surgeon will also advise you to be cautious when it comes to cleaning the vaginal area. Refrain from washing the incision site directly with soap. Instead, just let water from the shower flow over the wound. Changing soiled surgical dressings and lining your underwear with sanitary napkin will also keep the area sanitized.

You will need to set aside time to rest.

If you want a speedy recovery, you need to ensure that your body gets enough rest. For the first few days, refrain from doing strenuous and vigorous activities. Walking may be allowed but should be limited to around three times a day. Give yourself about two to three weeks to completely heal, then gradually resume your normal activities without straining yourself.