Are you excited about starting a new life as a college student? I bet you are! Finally, you get to experience this infamous college life you keep seeing in Netflix movies. 

Well, as a lady, you need to ensure that you’re always presentable. This means having easy to pull off beauty tricks. Aside from finding professionals who’ll help you with custom term papers, you also have to figure out what your signature look will be. 

Do you know how to apply makeup? If not, you shouldn’t fret because we have got your back. Besides, you don’t have to learn everything at one go. 

This article has broken down simple beauty hacks that will ensure you look flawless every day. 

Let’s dive in!

1, Keep It Simple 

The phrase, simplicity, is the ultimate sophistication might be cliché, but it rings true. Trying to achieve perfect makeup after only a few tries will only get you frustrated. 

Start with simple routines that you can complete in under one hour. This way, you won’t be late for a lecture because you were trying something complex. 

Even though college is a place to experiment and learn new things, you should allow the learning curve to play out. 

When you start simple, you can learn what you like along the way. This is actually the best way to establish your signature look. 

2, Follow Trends Carefully

Not every makeup trend will suit you because makeup is not a none-fits-all paradigm. The good news is that there is something for everyone. As you follow makeup trends, be careful what you pick up. 

This also includes using only products that are kind to your skin. Don’t jump from one trend to the next without knowing what you want to achieve. Before picking up a trend, make sure it aligns with your personality.

Another thing, some trends are ideal for specific functions. Wearing makeup meant for night outs to your 7 a.m. lecture is definitely a bad idea. 

3, Do your Makeup in Daylight

Natural light is the best for applying makeup. Make sure you place your mirror where sunlight sufficiently illuminates your face. Using artificial light can be misleading because it doesn’t show the real picture. 

Enough light allows you to see the blemishes you need to conceal and the spots you’ve not properly blended. 

If you have to stand in front of your dorm window to get enough light, do it. Natural light shows you the real picture, so you don’t step out looking like a clown.

4, Don’t overdo it

You need to know what makeup is appropriate for a lecture. Playing around with eye shadow is okay as long as you don’t go with an exaggerated look. As a student, you need to look professional, and that’s not possible if you’re overdoing your makeup.

Keep your makeup neutral when in school and save the crazy stuff for night outs and parties. Once you understand that there is a time and place for different makeup routines, college life becomes easy. 

5, Start with Great Skin

When you take care of your skin, makeup looks good on you. In fact, your makeup routine will be much simpler because you won’t have blemishes to cover. You won’t have to spend so much on makeup because just a little will go a long way. 


As a lady, you want to look presentable at all times. These simple beauty hacks ensure you slowly figure out your signature look. Always keep it simple and professional when you’re in school.