One of the hardest that anyone might feel, is pain in their foot. Foot pain can give one with difficulty of doing the usual activities they do. It can come very sharp that leaving you almost disabled and not able to perform any tasks or responsibilities due to the fact that you cannot stand. Research found that overweight increases the chances of foot pain. To overcome the heavy weight you can buy  phentermine 37.5 online  Although, there are some pains that are highly manageable, thus doing few stretches that you can do at home is highly recommended.

 Effective stretches to get rid of foot pain at home

There are a lot of effective ways you can do, to keep you relived from foot pain, below are 5 of the most effective stretches you can do, to keep you get better from your foot pain.

Tennis Ball Roll

One of the most convenient ways for you to stretch your foot and release pain. Stepping on a tennis ball, making sure that you are seated properly and your chair height is enough to keep you comfortable as you roll the ball under your foot.

Putting some pressure as you roll the ball and making sure that areas where you feel most pained will be get passed by the tennis ball.

This is a foot stretching that can be completed very easily and can be performed while you are watching the kids, television etc. Surely tennis ball roll can be done anytime you feel some pain in any areas of your foot.

Ankle stretch

Stretch your foot backwards or forward, side by side and in circular motion. Make sure though that you are not over stretching your ankle as this might give you injuries. The amount of your reach is dependent on your muscle capacity, you are the only one who would know if the stretch is enough or you can stretch some more.

This activity is best done in the morning and during the bed time.

Calf stretching

An activity that is best to perform in the morning. Keeping your right leg forward, while the foot is flat on the floor, as you try to extend your other leg straight back, as your heel are positioned flat on the floor. Avoid or better not bend the back of your knee. Leaning into the wall, until you feel the stretch in the calf of the leg that is positioned straight. Hold the position for around 30 seconds and then switch sides.

You have to be sure that you do not force your calf to stretch more than it can, as this may give you injury.

Lift stretching exercise

Lifting your toe is surely another way of stretching exercise that can ease the pain you feel on your foot. Although not an activity easily be performed by all, it is still one of the most effective ways to heal those painful feet. While standing on your feet, lift all your toes to an upward position, making sure that the pinky toe is reaching the same height as the big toe. Due this 5 times and definitely you can feel the ease you are looking forward to feel.

The raise stretch

Starting with standing with your feet flat on the ground with distance equal to the waist, lift your heel up while putting the pressure on the balls of your feet. Hold the position for around 5 seconds and pull it back down to its original position. Do it for around 7 to 10 repetitions. A perfect activity to be done in the morning while watching your morning or by waiting for your water to boil.

Painful foot is surely not too easy to handle especially that this pain may hinder one from doing their regular activities. If this is something that you feel, it is best if you try out these stretching activities and other foot remedies available for you to try out and see if the pain progress or regress. If the pain still persists after doing stretching and other remedies, then it would be best if you seek help from professionals. They are the best people to assist you if the pain on your foot is not in any way improving. Their assessment is important to ensure that your pain will heal properly.