Yoga Rocks!

Fitness is everything and I highly doubt that we will find even one person who will deny that. While everyone has their own way to be fit and exercise, people are always looking for more alternatives for their daily working out. If you are one of the sceptics, then you must explore the world of yoga because let’s face it, yoga rocks! Yoga is the joint sum of all that you need to be fit and active and it’s healthier than going to the gym.

Here are 5 reasons why Yoga is better than your conventional form of exercise:

1. Variations!

Yoga is all about doing various asanas, while your concentration is focused on the breathing rhythm of your body. The best part about Yoga is that you need not do the same asanas everyday over and over. There are over a hundred different variations that help you concentrate on a desired part of the body, which helps breaks monotony and makes working out a lot more fun.

2. Location please

Practicing yoga requires you to have two basic things: Comfortable clothing and a mat/sheet on an even surface. You do not need an indoor premises or an air conditioned room to practice yoga. You can do yoga on a beach or a hilltop, as long as it is on even ground. Keep in mind that the fresher the air, the better for your body.

3. Inexpensive

Well, this definitely does make me sound like a miser but, I ask of you to please hear me out! Expensive gym sessions are my nightmares and I’m sure that you are not a fan of them either. Yoga is all about practice and more practice, and since you aren’t required to spend exorbitant amounts on your daily routine, staying healthy costs practically nothing.

4. Overall Health Management

Yoga does not just indulge your body but, it also indulges your mind. Besides this, it helps maintain a meaner balance of your inner and outer strengths and helps imbibe a sense of a holistic revival of a person’s health.

5. Yoga wear is super fun!

Yoga-wear is kind of a new fad catching on in athleisure circles. It is a range of clothes that can be precisely worn when doing yoga and it includes many variations of dhoti pants, fun tights, palazzo, culottes and so on. For the fashion conscious, this is a major plus.

Time to get your Yoga on!