Having a beautiful smile is not impossible to achieve. Having a gorgeous smile is a goal that can be reached, and maintained when you know what works. The five tips listed below do work, and in only a few weeks you’ll see a difference in your smile.

How to Get, and Maintain, the Smile of Your Dreams

We all want that picture-perfect beautiful smile that everyone admires, but feel like it is something almost impossible to achieve. As you get older your teeth lose their shine, they grew crocked when you were younger, they shifted awkwardly after having the wisdom teeth removed, some may have chipped, or you may have even lost a few teeth. There is a lot that can happen over the years making your smile less appealing than you would like. The good news is that there are five great ways to improve your smile. By following these five tips you will have an amazingly beautiful smile before you know it.

1. Proper Tooth care

The first step to take for a beautiful smile is one of the basics. No matter how your teeth currently look it is always important to brush, and floss, your teeth daily! Brushing and flossing your teeth maintains their current level of health preventing them from deteriorating more than they already have. This may not seem important when you don’t currently have the perfect smile you want, but brushing your teeth daily can stop your teeth from continuing to be stained, or eroded, by the food and drinks you consume (Sarasota Smile Design Team, 2016).

2. Whitening

Whitening your teeth are the next gratifying step in improving your smile. In approximately six weeks you can have a whiter smile if you brush with a toothpaste that has hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient, use whitening strips, or use a combination f the two. Although whitening toothpaste and whitening strips are easily accessible they are not the most effective methods. The most effective way of lightening your smile up to five shades is by visiting your dentist for a custom-fit whitening tray, or in-office whitening treatment. You may see faster results with these last two options as they involve prescription-grade whitening ingredients you can get only at a dental office. Something to keep in mind though, if using one of the first three whitening techniques, then be mindful not to accidentally damage your gums. Damage to gums can easily occur if you brush too hard, or improperly place whitening strips and whitening trays over the teeth (Sarasota Smile Design Team, 2016).

3. Straighten Your Teeth

Straightening your teeth no longer requires the use of braces, and can be done discreetly! Invisalign is the best way to seamlessly straighten your teeth, correcting overbites, reducing gaps between your teeth, and spacing them out if they’re overcrowding each other. The process itself is painless. All that is required for your treatment to begin is molds of your mouth to create a custom fit Invisalign that will have your smile straighter before you know it (Sarasota Smile Design Team, 2016).

4. A Complete Smile Transformation

Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait the weeks it would take for the first three tips to start showing signs of improvement. If you are someone who has a big event coming up, then this fourth tip is for you. Work on realigning your teeth to make them straighter while whitening them at the same time by using dental veneers. clip-on veneers are the ideal choice if you have a specific idea of what you want your perfect smile to look like. Veneers can whiten your teeth to your ideal shade, close gaps between teeth, reshape your teeth, correct crooked teeth, and more. Before you know it, your teeth will be healthy, and aesthetically pleasing, giving you the smile of your dreams (Sarasota Smile Design Team, 2016).

5. Make it Look Natural

The last and final tip for having a beautiful smile is to make it look as natural as possible. You can have perfect teeth, but if your smile looks forced, or isn’t genuine, then that takes away from its beauty. A true smile is when you smile with both your mouth and your eyes. When a smile is natural the muscles contract around the mouth and the eyes. The best way to make your smile look natural is by practicing in the mirror to smile with both your mouth and your eyes (Sarasota Smile Design Team, 2016).

Maintaining Your Beautiful Smile

The biggest mistake that’s constantly made is not properly maintaining your beautiful smile once you have it. A lot of people slack off once they reach their goal of obtaining a gorgeous smile they love. If you don’t work to maintain your smile once it’s to your liking, then you’ll lose the smile you love forcing you to start over from the beginning. Follow these two easy steps to maintain your healthily beautiful smile to reduce the risk of you losing it.

1. Gums, Cheek, and Tongue Health

It is not enough to simply brush your teeth and call it a job well done. Maintaining a beautiful smile requires that you care for your whole mouth instead of only sections you care about. Your tongue, cheeks, and gums are all a part of your mouth, and they all can affect the health of your teeth reducing their quality. If the poor health in the other sections of your mouth reduces the quality of your teeth, then it can negatively affect your smile. Protect the smile you worked hard to obtain by properly caring for your tongue, cheeks, and gums along with your teeth (Baker, 2015).

2. Stick to Your Dental Appointments

Again, this tip may sound basic, but not everyone follows this crucial step once they have the smile of their dreams. Make it a priority to make, and keep your dental appointments. It is important to have dental checkups at least twice a year for a dentist to inform you of the health of your teeth and gums. Knowing that your mouth is in good health can be the difference between keeping your beautiful smile, and having to put in a lot of work all over again to regain it. Don’t fight to regain your perfect smile. It is always better to fight to maintain your perfect smile