DIY Room Decor

Are you staying in a dorm away from home? Or do you have your own room and want to sass it up? Don’t worry, we have your back! Check out our top list of DIY room decor ideas to take your room from drab to fab!

1. Potted Plants

A beautiful way to add some color and life to your dull room is to have some potted plants. Succulents, especially, are super easy to maintain as they don’t grow beyond the pot and need just some sunlight and some moisture. They look gorgeous as a single plant or in a group.

Some cute cacti you can try out in your room are Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum), Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi), or Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii). These plants are mostly pest free and have vivid shades that go well with any wallpaper.

If you can afford to pay more attention to your flowery companions, go for Bonsai creations to spice up your décor. Your artistic fantasies can come to life with mini-gardens in your palm with terrariums too!

2. Photo Mounts

Missing your family and friends in your dorm room? Fret not; there’s an easy way to cherish those memories, with DIY room decor photo mounts! Invest in a trusty cork board and cut it quirky shapes and paint, to pin your memories on the board.

You can even make streamers with your photos, stringing them on a thread with a glue gun or using clothing pins colored in matte shades to make a beautiful decoration for your room.

3. Dream Catchers

Keep those bad dreams at bay and draw “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from your friends with beautiful tribal dream catchers. They’re extremely easy to make.

Grab yourself a glue gun, some string, beads, feathers, paint, lace, a hoop (ready-made, or you can make one by winding wire) and darn away!

If you feel that crocheting isn’t your cup of tea, buy some lace and secure it on the hoop for a moonlit pattern. We love!

4. String Art

Have some free time to spare? Make the best use of it and fulfill your OCD fantasies with some string art! Move over, Fidget gadgets, the main activity for ADHD is here.

Take a wooden board, draw a shape or letters on it (go creative – stars, hearts, your S.O’s name, something naughty, something nice – the world is your oyster) and attach nails on the border.

Then, go crazy! Use some strong string and proceed to wrap it around the nails in your favorite pattern. You can also use different colors of yarn for added oomph.

5. Motivational Quotes

If you’re feeling blue and want some motivation in your life, look no further than the confines of your room!

Grab some markers, colored papers and stickers and put your thoughts to words. Draw on anything – canvas, the wall, some sheets, cardboard or even wood and mount it on the wall.

Experiment with fonts and typefaces and stencil your words out, so that your end result is flawless. If you feel up for it, try out ombre looks with a sponge as well!

6. Fairy Lights

Girls, trust me on this. No DIY room decor is complete without some fairy bling! Sprinkle some fairy dust with gorgeous LED lights all around your room.

Fancy locations include the bed, the window-sills, around picture frames, around those dream catchers and wall-mounts and such.

Drape some netted lace (make sure it’s non-inflammable) around the lights for some added whimsical charm.

Glam up your room today! Let us know in the comments section as to which one was your favorite. Share your own DIY Room Decor hacks too.