Selling Plus Size In A Zero Size World!

A few years ago it would’ve been a disgrace in the house if you were considered to be plus size. But, thankfully, minds have been broadened and people are beginning to accept others for the way they are! Sadly, this does not apply all that much to the fashion world. Imagine selling plus size in a zero size world!

If things were left up to the fashion industry, they would have us all surviving on five almonds and a glass of milk for the day! Even the few designers that do cater to plus size people don’t really get the need of a plus size person. In the eyes of many designers, it is a ‘waste of time and energy’.

But, when you look at it, there are so any other reasons why designers opt working with zero-sized people, rather than make the effort of selling plus size in a zero size world!

Reasons Why Designers Don’t Cater To Plus Size People

1. Expense

It is no big secret that catering to a larger person is more expensive. When it comes to dressing a zero-sized model, less material is used and there is less trial and error. This makes the prices of plus size clothing more expensive. And, it is the general attitude that bigger size women cannot afford to pay the price for such type of clothing!

2. Effort

Another reason why the fashion industry does not cater to plus-size women is that, when dressing a zero-sized model it is easier as one is working with dimensions that are not that hard to fit clothes onto. But, with a plus size model, seams, darts and fitting is completely different from that of a zero-sized person. Most companies in the fashion industry do not see the need in putting in that much effort.

3. Prejudice

Many people in the fashion industry look at plus sized people with disgust. In their heads, people of a bigger size are ‘not worth’ the hassle. Much like racism, body shaming is practiced on a wide-basis in the fashion industry.

4. Milan Over Majority

While the designers have nothing against plus-size people, it is important to remember that selling clothes is a business for them. Their target audience are the fashion-divas in Milan, who can afford to pay exorbitant amounts for a single piece. While these fashion-divas are all zero-size, the majority of the crowd is plus-sized. And so, the crowd is put aside.

Why The Fashion Industry Should Be Selling Plus-Size In A Zero-Size World

1. Desire

Despite the number on the weighing scales, plus size people also have the continuous want for trendy, fashion forward clothing! Yes! Plus-Sized people do have preferences that differ from the other!

2. Challenge

As mentioned earlier, many companies do not want to put in that extra effort. But, if fashion is truly their passion, don’t you think they should take this up as a challenge? Besides, there’s not fun in making only rectangular clothes all day long!

3. Crowd-Crushed

More than one-third of the world’s population is overweight. This makes up the majority of the population around the world. This means that more than one-third of the world is left without anyone catering to them.

4. Popularity

While your name may shine in big lights in Milan for catering to zero-size, your name can shine all around the world for simply catering to plus-sized people!

5. Sales

The sales of plus-sized clothing has increased by almost 50% in the past few years. Most companies selling plus-size in a zero-size world have seen absolutely no losses; in fact, they have witnessed steady rising profits!

6. Anti-Body Shaming 

Fashion industries around the world have the power to change the general view of the people. As the fashion industry stated that chubby people would not be catered to, larger sized people were not accepted in society ! In the same way, the fashion industry can spread a message about body shaming by selling plus size in a zero size world!