So, you are getting married and together with your crew want to have an amazing time? Well, it is a day meant to have as much fun as possible and there is no need to burn a lot of cash on crappy events. Brisbane is one of the best bucks party destinations. We’ve curated some classy bucks party ideas in Brisbane and places that will do the trick.

1.Houseboats in Brisbane

Have you ever considered taking your crew to the Brisbane River onto the houseboat? Grab this chance to go swimming or just fishing and chill out with the squad. You can even plan to have a classy bucks party in Brisbane for two nights! Why don’t you have some classy fun for the whole weekend?

Furthermore, you can opt to go out and have some fun with your mates cruising.

2. Festival

Plan a road trip with your crew to a festival in Brisbane and catch the best tunes, festive booze and food and let the festive vibe start.

3. Camping

Camping is a great way to have a bucks party. In fact, here in Brisbane, you will have a lot to do. From singing songs and dancing around the campfire, fishing, hiking, or swimming. If you are into a low key bucks party in Brisbane with no hassles and much planning, then this is the real deal. All you need to do to start this party is pack your car, get the tent, some drinks and food and you are on your way to a great night. Also, remember to bring your bug spray and sunscreen.

4. A Whiskey Night At The Local Club

If you are looking for a bucks party without any fuss, then whiskey tasting should be your pick. You will find a lot of local strippers Brisbane bars that you can hang out with your best friends. Actually, it’s easy to find the best strippers in Brisbane! Simply head to the nearest local whiskey bar and have the thrill of the finest spirits.

5. Private Poker Night

Why don’t you have the best night playing some poker at your home, or friends place? You can even head to the local casino and request for a poker room to hire.

6. High Tea

We understand that some people are tea and scones and you actually make it a bucks party to remember. Head to a local Brisbane high tea offering and start tucking into one of the best macarons, finger sandwich, and sandwich.

7. Lawn Bowls

Here lawn bowls and draught-drinking have been a pastime for ages. Get your mates and head to the local bowls club and spend a lazy sunny evening throwing some few ends. You will have to spend some few bucks on jugs of beer. This a cost-effective bachelor party solution.

With some of these bucks party ideas in Brisbane, we are sure that you and your squad will have an exciting time to remember for the rest of your life.