Wardrobe Staples

Don’t we all swear by a piece of clothing or an accessory in our wardrobe? We dote on it to such an extent that we never let it out of our sight; they’re now wardrobe staples to us! It is always a part of our ensemble, whatever we wear, no matter how out of fashion or hideous looking it may be.

Just like how it has become a staple in your outfit; we have a list of a few essentials that NEED to be a part of your wardrobe no matter what. Integrate one of these staple items with your daily look and rock the fashion queen tag like a pro.

7 Wardrobe Staples That You Ought To Have:

1. Blue Denims

A pair of Jeans is nothing short of a necessity in your wardrobe. Find your perfect fitted denim in any store and own them like a boss.

The best part about denim is that are low maintenance, big on style and easy to coordinate within an ensemble. A good pair of jeans can last you months, years even, for a lot of people and they never go out of style.

2. Black Dress/Outfit

With the umpteen numbers of patterns and variants available for women of all sizes, owning a black dress is no longer a dream.

A black dress makes you look slender, sexy and suave all at the same time. Accessorizing a black outfit is super fun and this color can NEVER go wrong.

3. Shoulder Dusters

Shoulder dusters are long tasseled or chandelier earrings that graze your shoulder when you wear them.

We know that a lot of women do not really feel inclined towards sporting huge earrings, but the things about shoulder dusters are that they make up for the whole look themselves sparing the need for a necklace or any other accessories.

4. Chand Balis

A good classic pair of Chand Bali earrings, in any size, is a wardrobe must-have.

They can elevate your traditional Indian look to the next level, leaving you looking super stylish.

5. Statement Necklace/Chain

A chunky necklace or a statement sweater chain can do wonders to your otherwise boring outfit. Just adorn these on a casual day and notice the difference.

It works for both Western and Indian ensembles. You need to own at least one necklace that you can call your constant.

6. Flat Sandals

You cannot be reaching out to your favorite pair of pumps or stilettos every time you are dressing up. Owning a pair of comfortable chic flat sandals or footwear is a must for days you want to dress up and still feel comfortable.

7. Cross Body Bag/Sling Bag

Imagine having to carry a handbag on your elbow all the time, insane isn’t it.

Fret not, a cross body bag or a sling bag pretty much is what you need. It looks freakishly cool when you wear them and they are the perfect no-hassle accessory.

Which one is your wardrobe staple? And if you would add something to this list, what would it be? Do let us know in the comments below!