PV Sindhu – The Indian Dragon Slayer!

PV Sindhu, the 21 year old girl from Hyderabad, Telangana, India, is winning not just many medals around the world for her well played Badminton games but, also many hearts for her poise and attitude! Here are a few things about PV Sindhu that will make you admire her even more than you already do!

8 Facts About PV Sindhu That you Didn’t Know

1. Family Orientated

While many other International players prefer travelling and spending time in new places with new people, PV Sindhu’s ideal weekend is staying at home and spending time with her family. She in fact, takes a day’s break from her practices in order to do so! She is very close to both her parents but, is closest with her elder sister.

2. Not A Party Person

Most young athletes and celebrities get carried away by fame and fortune but, this young star is quite the opposite. She claims that she is not a party person and is actually quite reserved and traditional. But, this in no way means that she is boring! She loves spending time with her friends and knows in her heart that they will always be around for her.

3. Third Most Expensive Player

PV Sindhu is also the captain of the Chennai Smashers Indian Premier Badminton League team, which is owned by actor-politician Vijayakanth’s Son, Vijay Prabhakaran. In fact, Prabhakaran and Sindhu are actually good friends. The Chennai Smashers admitted to this being an extremely proud moment for them when they won her as their captain!

4. Passion And Career

She is pure inspiration for those who are fighting to follow their dreams! PV Sindhu has been playing badminton from the age of 6. Back then it was just a passion but, by the time she turned 8, she knew that this was the path for her. Ever since then she never gave up on her dreams and fought hard to see them come true!

5. First Indian Woman To Receive A Silver Medal At The Olympics

To the Indians, her biggest moment was her winning the Silver Medal at the Rio Olympics 2016, against Spain’s Carolina Marin. PV Sindhu has played 6 matches, prior to the Olympic match, against Marin and has won 2 matches against her! Although she is the fourth Indian to win a silver medal at the Olympics, she is the first woman to do so – making India very proud!

6. Her Dedication

As mentioned earlier, Sindhu is very attached to her family, mainly her sister but, even that could not break her away from her dedication to following her dream. In 2012, while her sister was getting married, PV Sindhu set out to Lucknow for tournament at the Grand Prix.

7. Her Coach Is Her Inspiration

Much before PV Sindhu started training at the Gopichand Badminton Academy; she had already gained much awe for her future coach. Pullela Gopichand’s win at the All England Open Badminton Championships in 2001, earned him much respect and admiration from his future student.

8. Sports In Her Blood

It is quite easy to see that PV Sindhu was born with not just sports in her blood but, has also had the same commitment and dedication that her parents had, drilled into her. Both, PV Ramana and P Vijaya, mother and father of Sindhu, were International Volley Ball player in their time.  Even her elder sister was a national player, till she decided to give up her sports career to pursue a career as a doctor.

We also congratulate her for her amazing win at the China Open Badminton Tournament 2016. It was another great achievement for this kind and simple girl, and another proud moment for the whole of India! Keep slaying, Dragon Slayer!