Obtain the Perfect Natural Curl

As a naturally curly haired woman, I understand the pain of growing up in a world that caters mainly to the straight-hair beauties. The lack of curl-care products and the constant taunts of “I think there’s a bird in your hair!!” can be quiet aggravating at times. It’s moments like these which have led me to test and try almost every single hair-care method possible to get perfect hair curls.

Here are 8 rules to Get Perfect Hair Curls:

1. Deep Condition

We all know the problem of dry hair, it’s a natural hazard when it comes to curly hair. At the same time dry hair = unhealthy hair, which in turn means frizzy, untamed curls. This is where deep conditioning comes in. Use your favorite oil, be it coconut, almond or olive oil. Using a considerable amount, apply it on your hair beginning at the roots of your hair right up to the tips. You can also use honey, egg or any other natural elements to help enhance the conditioning.

This not only helps tame your curls but also strengthens it, giving you less hair fall. Do this an hour and a half before you shower or at least once a week.

2. Shampoo Less, Condition More

Shampoo is known to dry the hair considerably. My advice would be to use as little shampoo as possible, mostly on the scalp, and use the remainder to wash the rest of your hair.

Using a conditioner after you shampoo is a must. Taking a considerable amount of conditioner, massage it into your hair, concentrating on those tips that tend to get scraggly.

This would also be the perfect time to comb your hair. This ensures that your hair un-knots easily and it doesn’t spoil those gorgeous curls. I recommend using a wide-toothed comb.

3. T-shirt Dry

We never notice the amount of friction toweling material can build up, and as we know, any type of friction is not good for the hair as it makes your hair frizzy, and ruins any chances to get perfect hair curls

I recommend taking an old cotton shirt and wrapping it around your head, to soak up excess water from your hair.

Do not rub your hair down as even this can cause friction and damage your curls.

4. Leave-In Conditioner or Curling Mousse

I honestly cannot express the importance of conditioner when it comes to curly hair. In addition to a leave-in conditioner, using a curly mousse to help define your curls is another good way to go. If you are partial to any other hair products then go ahead and use them but, always keep in mind that the more products you use, the more chances there are of you being a victim of dandruff.

I would also suggest just a tiny amount of oil on the tips of your hair to avoid  future split-ends.

5. Diffuse or Air Dry

Diffuse or Air Dry


While we all love blow drying our hair because it’s fast and easy, this is the main cause of our hair ending up looking like a crows nest. Get yourself a diffuser if you insist on drying your hair and use it preferably on low heat. I do know that this can take much longer than blow drying but, trust me when I say it’s well worth it! The bounce and shine it gives your hair, and your curls so well defined, no one dare call you a poodle after that!

Although if you have nowhere to go in a hurry, I would always recommend drying your hair naturally. This is definitely the more healthy choice.

*Do not comb your hair once it’s dried, it will ruin your curls.*

6. Silk Pillow Case

Silk Pillow Case


You might ask me, “How do you preserve your curls over night so you don’t have to bundle them away the next day?” My answer would be “silk pillow cases.”

Silk does not cause as much static as a cotton pillow case might. It is soft on your hair and is also great for your skin in general.
Try washing your pillow cases as often as possible.

Another alternative would be making a silk cap, like a shower cap, to fit over your hair while you sleep.

7. Less Straightening 

Less Straightening 

I understand the pressure you undergo occasionally by your peers and loved ones to ‘just see how you would look with straight hair’. Once in a while, it’s alright to bring out your straighter and straighten your hair but, I would not recommend this on a daily basis if you wish to get perfect hair curls.

8. Embrace Your True Nature

We all know that occasionally even after you do all this, your hair will obtain a mind of its own and venture out into a land of the untamed. Moments like these, my advice would be to just embrace your curls! Be proud of them anyway and don’t take any ‘crazy-lady’ talk from no one. This is after all your true nature; don’t try to hold yourself back.