Can’t decide on a gift for your close one? Hampers can be a perfect choice for every occasion! And since you get to huddle a whole bunch of goodies, hampers can never fail to put that bright smile on the recipient’s face.

However, with so many gifting options in the market, picking the right one for the occasions can go tricky. 

But no worries! We’ve got you covered with some effective tips to help you select the hamper for your loved ones. 

Prefer buying as per the occasion

While heeding with your recipient’s choice and contents in your hamper, ensure not missing out on occasion you’re prepping up for. You can curate your hamper, including special add ons following the event—be it a birthday, wedding, new parenthood, Christmas, or New Year.

Besides, here are some ideas that you can use while selecting a hamper for a specific occasion-

  • For Christmas: Add a festive glee with traditional winter plants like Poinsettia or Christmas cactus. Next, you can decorate your hamper using baubles, tinsel, and glitter, and potpourri, setting all the Christmas feels!
  • For Birthday: Include a balloon or a teddy marking the occasion. You may also go for a birthday sash or other party props to add a tinge of spree.
  • For new parents: Add treats for the new mum and dad in the baby hamper commemorating their new journey. Set up the right tone in either blue or pink, combining with a flower bouquet. Throw in something cute for the newborn like a soft toy or a pair of booties.
  • Congratulations: Congratulations hampers are generally incomplete without wine or Champagne. But if that doesn’t favor your recipient’s liking, there are other options. You can add tea, coffee, or cocoa with some sweets and savories to the basket. Or drop-in a gifting card of your recipient’s favorite nook to shop in.

Occasions are the best time to let your loved ones know that you care and admire their presence in your life. And handing out a hamper can make up for all that you intend. 

Fix a budget

Decide on a budget before setting out for the haul. This will cease you from overspending. And will streamline the process of selecting from the wide variety of gift hampers—based on the price range. 

Try picking on the items that fit both in your budget and basket. 

Know your recipient 

It’s best to consider your recipient’s choice and taste before arranging the contents in your gift hamper. Be mindful of their likings and dislikings and go all the way, finding what matches their munch.

If the recipient got a sweet tooth, focus on the sweet and sugary snacks like chocolate or cookies hamper. Prefer a healthy hamper for your diet-connoisseur or one packed with skincare essentials for that glowing charm in your squad.

The deal rests in abiding by the personality and taste of your recipient to get the best things in the basket. Make sure they enjoy your little bundle of joy.

Choose a decent packaging style

Packaging style adds on to the entire look of your hamper, giving it the right touch and feels. You can find a vast range of different packaging styles—right from pinewood trays and crates to premium gifting boxes and bamboo baskets. 

However, again, heed as per the occasion you’re gifting for. While a shiny golden net wrapped hamper would look nice for a wedding event, a personal gifting box may better suit corporate gifting.

Choosing customizing your hamper with nice packaging will make it look appealing and stand out among the rest. So, don’t miss on any means to make your hamper no less than a delight to receive.

Top up with a personalized note 

Once you finalize the gift hamper, make sure to drop in a personalized note for the recipient. Your few kind words can go a long way in making someone feel extra special on their big day.

You may pen down a memory of yours on the day you met or a note appreciating how well they’ve made it so far. Either go for a gift card or attach a handwritten note along with your hamper.

Avoid last-minute purchase

Leaving things for the very last minute will only leave you hustling and bustling around the corners. And also bind you with limited options to choose from.

Therefore, it is advised to pick the pace in advance to get your hands on the perfect hampers. Nonetheless, don’t grab on to the first basket you come across. Invest a little of your time and efforts in a thoughtful and personalized hamper.

After all, it’s a job worth doing!

Check for the date of delivery

More often than not, one fails checking for the delivery date or time, especially the ones ordering online. It’s the biggest fall to assume that anything bought online is deliverable within a day or two. Well, actually, it might be possible in some cases but not in all. 

Thus, keep a check on the delivery date. And also, order well in advance to ensure that your hamper gets to its recipient on time. 

You can also look around for a local-provider concerning same-day hamper delivery if you are running out on time or are unsure of timely delivery.

Deal with reputed suppliers 

The trend of gifting hampers is not new. However, there only remains a handful of reliable platforms that you can place your trust in. 

Hence, browse through all the accessible options before settling for one. Check for online ratings and reviews to get a notion of the types of services you can expect from your preferred supplier.

Analyze who all can work to cater to your needs and ideas.

Start smart

Don’t know much about the recipient’s choice and liking? Then it’s better to choose a hamper with a good mix of different textures and tastes. Throw-in bits of salty, sweet, and sour treats with some fresh flowers to the decorum. 

No doubt, your recipient would surely enjoy the gift hamper.