International Men’s Day 2016

The media and the internet are always abuzz with lists of sexiest women and the most fashionable women there are. But, this International Men’s Day 2016, let’s give the men a reason to celebrate! With the advent of the metro-sexual trend, men have proved time and again that when it comes to fashion, they can give all the women a run for their money.

Street style trends are coming alive with more male fashion bloggers and style makers are taking charge but, when it comes to being in the public eye and doing fashion right, we have just the perfect list for you.

Presenting our list of 9 drool-worthy men who are doing fashion and style just right!

Fashionable Men in the World 2016

1. Justin Trudeau

What better way to begin International Men’s Day 2016 celebrations that honor this drool-worthy man? Who would have thought that the head of a state would feature on a list of the most fashionable men someday?

Justin Trudeau is possibly the sexiest politician alive and that too for good reason. The Canadian Prime Minister rocks hair that looks eternally windswept. Add to that an army of well-tailored suits, casual wardrobe choices and a radiant smile, and we have got our self an international style-icon!

2. Harry Styles

One Direction has millions of fans all over the world but, one band member has the style game on point and he is so adept at it that his name has the word style in it.

From rocking the long hair like a master and wearing prints like a boss, Harry Styles has done it all. He sways from casual to formal with the flick of his hair and has the constant demeanor of a good boy gone bad. (Don’t miss that amazing voice to help sing you to sleep *sigh*)

3. Ryan Gosling

This International Men’s Day 2016, we re-introduce you to Ryan Gosling – the king of detail. His red carpet appearances and general paparazzi photographs are all shots of him wearing clothes that are highly fashionable and have the hint of the most subtle prints and details.

Only Gosling can rock a velvet suit and still look so good!

4. Drake

In the world of unkempt beards; be a properly trimmed beard – like Drake. Drake takes his wardrobe choices very seriously and luxury is something he looks for in every style choice he makes.

He is always dressed in casual garb, looking ready to head out to a party or a game or an event at the drop of a hat.

5. Diplo

Diplo is a globally known DJ, more for his style and fashion choice than anything else. We remember him as the man who trotted about the streets of Pakistan donning a Peshawari Kurta as part of his outfit and looking every bit a fashion icon.

6. Eddie Redmayne

What do you call a British fashion icon that is dressed to the T in the most mismatched outfit and still looks like he could walk the ramp any second? Eddie Redmayne.

He is someone who can rock a pair of formal trousers with sporty loafers and still look amazingly stylish.

7. Justin Timberlake

Think Fedora and a fully buttoned-up shirt, and your mind will immediately think of Justin Timberlake. Another Justin in the list and he is every bit the fashion icon. Let’s not forget his dance moves and sonic pop star voice, which accompanies his charisma.  This man is our absolute favorite.

8. Ranveer Singh

Eccentricism is what sets Ranveer Singh apart from a lot of his actor counterparts in India. He can wear a Marathwada skirt on the red carpet and look like a million bucks, totally stealing the show. No one has rocked a bald hairstyle and a pointy twirled mustache like Ranveer has!

9. Justin Bieber

It is no surprise that this name features on our list and incidentally, he is the third ‘Justin’ to make it here. From being a pop sensation at a very young age, Bieber has a unique sense of style.

The key to styling for this superstar is layering. He embraces and carries of layers of clothing like a biker jacket or a distressed cardigan with ‘swag’. Trust him to carry off an all red jogger-sweatshirt suit and pair it with pristine white sneakers. Well, that is Bieber for you!

Apart from these male fashionistas, there are many others to add to the list like Chris Pine, Leonardo Dicaprio, Ryan Reynolds and Guillaume Canet. This International Men’s Day 2016, we salute all you hard-working men out there, not just for your brawn and brain but, also for you amazing sense in fashion!