Home decor trends seem to change as frequently as the seasons. A room you used to love can quickly feel horribly out of date. You don’t have to follow every home decor trend. Choosing a timeless classic interior design style can ensure your space never feels dated. Your space should be one that you love, and there are ways to make any decorating style timeless, from effortless boho decor to chic minimalism. However, there are some undeniable signs your decor is due for a refresh. Here are our top nine.   

1, Bold Paint and Busy Wallpaper

Your wall color sets the tone for the decor in any room. Bold paint in mauve, olive green, tangerine, or wallpaper with a busy floral pattern is a major sign your decor is out of date. 

While it’s easy to change a paint color, removing old wallpaper can be a labor-heavy process, requiring specialized equipment, such as a steamer and adhesive stripper. Yet, the effort is worth it because a fresh coat of paint can bring new energy into a room. Opt for a neutral color like light gray, off-white, or taupe to help your walls look timeless. 

2, Heavy Patterned Drapes

Red velvet curtains may have made your windows look luxurious years ago. Today, they make your decor look old-fashioned. Drapes from the 70s and 80s with fringed trim and corded ties have long been out of style. Any window treatment that uses a heavy or patterned fabric adds unnecessary age to your space. Use lighter and brighter options for your room decor to keep your space fresh and airy. Old blinds that are dirty or cracked can also make your room look dated. Vertical blinds have also fallen out of style, as they are challenging to clean and easy to break. Open, unadorned windows are a modern look. However, this isn’t always practical since open windows lack privacy. Update your window treatments by opting for light curtains that are semi-sheer to offer privacy while still bringing light into the room. Modern horizontal privacy blinds are another great option to bring your window decor up to date. 

3, Fake Silk Plants

Home decorators went overboard in the 90s to bring effortless color and greenery to their homes by creating large silk flower arrangements. Unfortunately, these creations didn’t stand the test of time. Silk flowers and fake silk plants look worn out and faded today. Bring fresh life into your home by introducing several live plants to each room. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still cultivate gorgeous houseplants. There are many low-maintenance, low-light houseplant options, including succulents and cacti. If you can’t have real plants due to concerns with pets, then opt for fake plastic plants. Modern fake plants look incredibly realistic and won’t end up dating your room decor.  

4, Ruffled Bed skirts

Unless you’re decorating your bedroom with a frilly princess theme, a ruffled or lace bed skirt immediately makes your bedroom feel like a throwback to 1985. You still need a bed skirt to hide your box spring and bed frame or prevent a buildup of dust under the bed. Modern bed skirts are flat with a slit or pleat in the corner and feature solid colors and minimal fabric. While you’re updating your bed skirt, you might as well update your entire bed. Bring a modern touch to your bedroom by matching your bed skirt with your duvet cover in a deep, vibrant tone. You can add some color and inspiration with a cozy tapestry blanket and throw pillows. 

5, Brass Hardware and Light Fixtures

Polished brass is making a comeback in the modern decor scene. However, any older brass hardware or light fixtures with tarnished or harsh yellow shine dates your room. Replacing all your light fixtures and door hardware might be a significant undertaking. You can get a quick update by using spray paint for metal on light fixtures to give them a modern touch. If your light fixtures have fabric or glass shades, update them at the same time to bring an entirely fresh look to any room. 

6, Media Cabinets

A media cabinet is a clear indication your home is living in the past. These massive pieces of furniture were necessary when a TV was as deep as your couch. In today’s world of flat-screen TVs, they simply point out a room that hasn’t updated its decor with the times. Modern flat-screen TVs can be flush-mounted to a wall or sit elegantly on top of a chic stand. You can make a new home for items stored in your media cabinet on floating shelves or hidden inside cabinets in the TV stand. 

7, Plush or Natural Rugs

When you enter a room with a shag or zebra skin rug, you’re immediately transported back several decades. These rugs were ultra-popular before the turn of the century. Today they may still work for very curated home designs. However, in most rooms, they make everything look old-fashioned. Update your rug and breathe life into your decor. Oriental, Persian, Kilim, and Moroccan Berber rugs are classic pieces that never go out of style. Choose patterns in shades that are analogous to your wall colors for a cohesive look. Or, opt for a boldly colored rug that contrasts with the other textiles in the room to make a dramatic statement.

Measure your space to ensure you purchase the right size rug for your room. Your rug should be wider than furniture like your couch or dining room table. A well-placed rug leaves about 30” of walkway between large items of furniture. 

8, Chevron Pattern

Popularized in the early 2000s, the chevron pattern has quickly fallen out of favor in modern home decor design. If your home decor has any curtains, rugs, or pillows with this zigzag design, it likely feels a bit outdated. Make your room feel more modern by ditching the chevron pattern. Opt for multiple patterns mixed with solid colors to create a contemporary feel. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and mix in more natural fibers with traditional fabrics. 

9, Wall Decals and Word Art

Your “Live, Laugh, Love” wall decor is making your room feel outdated. All home decorating styles quickly adopted this popular farmhouse trend. Too much of a good thing too quickly has made this trend a thing of the past. Instead, opt for a statement piece of artwork that means something to you instead of a basic platitude. Consider framing photos of your loved ones and hanging them on your walls. Or, add texture and visual interest to your room with a woven wall tapestry.

Timeless Decor Tips

Trends in decor continue to change. However, you can ensure your home is always in style by minimizing clutter and optimizing clean lines in your rooms to keep spaces looking open and bright. Choose furniture that is stylish but also functional. This helps any room’s decor stay looking fresh and timeless.