A wedding is the most special moment in a person’s life, I become us and a person starts putting the partners’ need above his/her own. But that doesn’t mean, this relationship is all about roses throughout. Couples face issues in the form of arguments, fights, drama and sometimes tears as well.

In the current scenario where a lot of people and couples are losing their faith in the institution of marriage (love or arranged), there are still many lucky ones who are going strong. And for those special ones, a wedding anniversary is the best way to relive those moments when they got married.

We bring 9 brilliant ideas to celebrate your upcoming wedding anniversary and increasing the list of wonderful memories you’ve spent together.

Relive The First Moments: There must have been a favorite cafe or restaurant or bar where both of you used to meet for those sneaky dates or during the period of courtship. Book a table for two at that place and relive those first-ever, special moments with the better-half.

Something Adventurous: If both of you are crazy for adventure sports or things alike, then why not celebrate the special day in that way. Book a hot-air balloon ride or maybe a hiking session or a trip to an amusement park. The options are endless and trust us, both of you will have the best time of life.

Love Note: How about starting the morning in a super special way? You can write an adoring note for the hubby or wifey. For inspiration on wedding anniversary wishes for husband, the internet is always there to cure that writer’s block.

An Album Date: It is time to take out that bag filled with wedding albums and CD’s which have been lying untouched since forever. Prepare a 3-course lovely meal with both of your’s favorite dishes, put the wedding video on TV, albums on the desk, snuggle and cherish the moments. And do not forget to get a good bottle of wine.

A Cruise Trip: If you are looking forward to spending a good vacay time with your soul mate then opt for a cruise trip. These are gaining a lot of popularity among many couples due to exciting offers for various exotic locations.

Some Charity Work: There are many couples who find a lot of happiness in others’ happiness. If you are one of them, the anniversary is the best day to volunteer for good causes. It can be anything, like feeding poor or taking up the education of one or more children or adopting a fur-baby etc.

Something Precious: If you want to splurge on the wedding gift, then we highly recommend buying a jewelry item. For your wife, it can be earrings, necklace, ring and for the hubby, it can be cufflinks, diamond-studded watch, bracelet etc. It will make for a gorgeous gift and also an investment, as the value of jewelry always increases.

An Album Story: Collect all the pictures of the special moments in both of your life as a couple. Like honeymoon pictures, date pictures, picnic pictures etc. Using them create an album story of the time from wedding to present.

Simply Be There For Each Other: With all the hustle-bustle in life, a lot of couples are not able to spend quality home-time with each other. So rather spending a lot of money on vacations, the best thing to simply spend alone time at home with each other. Get up late, have breakfast in bed, shower together (getting naughty is a must!), laze around, drink wine and at night either order-in or go to a cute little place. The motto is to enjoy each others company.

So these were our 9 superlative ideas for a rocking and memorable wedding anniversary.