If you are the type of person who wants to always stand out and try new things, then you know for a fact how custom ties are always on top of the list, this is especially true with world leaders and businessmen. There are times where you want to make a statement in a subtle way, and it has been known for a fact that one way of doing that is by wearing a tie that reflects what point you are trying to make.

When you are choosing what necktie you are going to wear, there are times when it is becoming difficult on what kind of tie you should choose given that there are a huge diversity of options for you to choose from. Thankfully, one of that choices is by using custom neckties, so that if you cannot find what you are looking for in a particular tie, you can always have one which is custom made to satisfy the design that you want your necktie to look. But, apart from choosing the perfect tie, you should also be able to incorporate the right know type to your collar.

There is a brush of confidence if you master the art of wearing a tie – that is by matching the perfect type of tie to your suit, including what occasion you are going to attend so to avoid faux pas because you are wearing an inappropriate tie.

So to give a heads up, the following are some points which can guide you on using custom neckties in different occasions:

  1. If you are going to attend formal events

In most of the times, when it comes to formal events, these usually call for black ties and the classic bow ties especially when your ensemble is a tuxedo. However, when the event is semi-formal, you can opt for a three-piece ensemble and use any color any length that is deemed appropriate for the event.

If you choose to wear a custom tie for a black-tie event, then you should always bear in mind that you should not overdo your getup. The rule is always “less is more”, so this means that the design of your tie should be in harmony with what you are wearing for that specific event.

  1. When you are wearing colored and patterned ties

Custom ties came around for a purpose, and that is for you to be able to get the exact matching necktie to your outfit or ensemble. This will help you check which type of necktie will look better with the shirt that you are wearing. Say, for example, if you are wearing a light-colored shirt, then a dark tie will complement it to even out the brightness, and if you are wearing a dark-colored shirt then a bright-colored necktie is appropriate to give accent on your outfit. You can also choose to layer the patters if your shirt’s pattern will complement with your necktie. One good example is those patterned ties with light-colored pastels like pink or blue because they usually work well.

  1. Tying the knots of your tie

There are several types of knots when it comes to tying your necktie, and each of these knots came for a purpose. You should be able to know the appropriate knot in relation to the shirt that you are wearing. So if you are wearing a shirt that has a wide spread collar, then you should be using a large and a triangular kind of knot. This type of knot is best when your tie’s material is made with Italian silk.

On the other hand, if your shirt has a straight-point collar, then a narrower kind of knot with a longer extension should be impeccable. These point collars and button downs work great with skinny and narrow ties specifically if these ties are tied with a smaller knot.

If you are tall and lean, then it is best recommended that you use a small and lengthy knot. However, if you are stockier and have a thick neck, then it is recommended that you use a wider knot with a proportionate tie width.

It is really important that the size of the tie that you are wearing will fill the empty space of the collar of your shirt. You would not want to look awkward by wearing a thin and narrow tie with a spread and semi-spread collar. That’s why one must know the appropriate knot that goes along with your shirt.

  1. When wearing skinny ties

These skinny ties are the most fashionable amongst all other ties. The reason is that skinny ties are fun for those risk-takers who want to thrust and deviate from the style envelope. These skinny ties work best when you are wearing slimmer jackets and look great for most-sized people. These skinny ties are also appropriate for all events.

This type of tie is also best paired with professionally-tailored suits, particularly those which have a slender and close-to-body cut. You also can optimize this look by using a tie bar for you to look even sharper and polished.

  1. When you are wearing a jacket

In the event that you are wearing a jacket, then you need to make sure that your necktie does not become an outlier. Your jacket and your tie must be in complement with each other. So if your tie is a skinny tie, then the lapel of your jacket should also be narrow.

The bottom line in all of this is that wearing a tie should not just be taken out on a whim. You cannot just place any tie on your neck just to comply with the dress code of the event or with your work. It is important that you know which tie is appropriate and which is not. It is also important that you know how to take care of your tie to preserve its material and its color. You would not want to wear a tie that looks stained and wrinkled.