There is nothing beautiful like coming out as a family or as friends out on camping. With the DIY grill and drinking, you are going to be sure of a wonderful camping event, but all in all what type of activities are you planning on to keep the day going, fur such event you would not afford to be bored at any time. So it is very necessary to keep yourself active as you enjoy every bit of the camping. That is why we have decided to bring you some the 8 best funny camping games for adults.

Dart Board game

This is the best game ever of adult for being an adult it is very necessary to conserve a lot of enjoy in you, for the activities around a camping site are several and requires a lot of energy, so it is very necessary to keep a lot of energy in you. And dart board game being loved by most adult it’s one of the suitable game to ensure that you have during your camping. Being nicknamed the old man’s toy, I classify dart board game as one of the best funny camping games for adults.

Stand up and shout being a game of numbers

It is very important that you know how many people are in your circle and count up. Each person has to yell out a number the more the merrier becomes, and this should be in numerical order, up to a point that everybody has shouted. This may look simple and easy, that is why there are some rules that makes it more difficult and interesting. The game allows anyone to start, but if two people shouts out same number at the same time, then the two are automatically eliminated. To make it more interesting, last person to should a number is also eliminated. The beauty of this game is that it can be played anywhere by adults.


Being an active party game for adults it can be turn into camping activities for adults. With requirement of a minimum of four people to play the game and a space, players are to divide into 2 teams, where one team step on the stage and the other sit down. The time on the stage are required to make act or move which either can be a movie expression, an animal anything real. The list can be endless of what one can do, the other team will try to guess that the team on the stage is trying to do. At the end the team with more points will win the game.

Two trust and one lie

It’s being one of the best funny camping games for adults, two truth and a lie is a game where you play it by the word of the month while you are sitting down in circle around a camp fire. The game tries to tell how much to your friends know about you, then you will have to tell three things about you and the people around you try to knock out the lie out of the three. The game is all about trying to be smart and do not be retard.

The voting game

This is another funny camping games of adults, the voting game can be played in front of the fire. With the aim of helping you know more about the people around, playing this game makes things awesome. One person stand up and a question a general question then the other people sitting will vote in the answers, the questions can be like, who can drink one crate of bear? The person who has asked the question will collect the answers then later announce the answer. This allows you to know something about your friends that you did not know.

Glow in the dark

This game can be fun for both adults and the teens. The fun part of the is playing the game after sun set, it’s awesome and memory pulling to watch and see what one can do with the glowing rings at night.

Duck, duck

Goose it is the best way to pass some time at the camp. Maybe if the kids are waiting for dinner, as the parents you can go ahead and set up the tents.

Name the some

This one of the most played game in camping, if you are in a camping with one of your friends who does music, they will start playing a music randomly and who ever take the guess of the song wins.