Not long before, people who used to have a strong hold of one programming language was considered to be a real master. But now, it is extremely critical for people to understand more than one programming language in order to be recognized as a real programmer. Whether you want to create a brand new software or have an amazing idea of developing an application, understanding the best programming languages is very critical to survive. There are abundance of different programming languages, each unique in its own way. A programmer must decide which language is best for him and make decisions accordingly. Learn more about the online programming languages coursesavailable on Edureka.


It is almost inevitable that a person is learning programming languages and does not know about Python. It is the ideal language for beginners as it is extremely easy to understand and start off with. Python is by far the most famous and used language to be used in the present era. It is a free programming language that is available to all the users. Alongside community development, it has a GUI desktop that makes it user friendly and interesting to use. Python offers 2D as well as 3D packages that assists the energetic teenagers to develop new and exciting games. Quoratoo rates Python as the best programming language by a big margin.


Swift is a modern programming language that is ideally designed to develop new softwares for all the users. Swift was built with an intention to serve all those programmers that are looking forward to making use of cloud services and developing interesting mobile apps. Swift is a user friendly language that is intended to give the programmer a lot of ease while doing their job. One of the most amazing quality of Swift is that it is an extremely safe and secure language. It makes sure to detect all the errors and frauds before publishing the software which makes the developer save from any future embarrassment.


C# is considered to be an alternate to C++. Ideally built for all those applications that are created on windows, C# rose to popularity in the early 2000s. Android and iOS applications are also helped on through C# as they use integrated development that makes their application a lot more interesting. C# is one of those programming languages that is extremely easy to locate and use for long spans of time. C# asks the developers to recompile the codes whenever your program goes through a small change.


Ever since your early computer lessons, all of you must be listening Java throughout the primary years. Well, Java is also one of the renowned programming languages in the present time. Currently, there are close to 3 billion devicesthat have been using Java as their programming languages. Alongside Big Data, Java is one of the most used application for the introduction of applications. Java is considered to be one of the most portable softwares all across the network as it offers its use to wide range of departments. However, you need to learn a lot of new vocabularies to get hold of Java. But once you do so, programming language becomes a lot more fun and interesting.