Classic Hollywood Fashion Icons

We are sure your taste in fashion changes with all those new styles and fashion trends that hit the runway each fashion week but, there is something very beautiful and charismatic about the older Hollywood divas that have enabled them to remain as Classic Hollywood Fashion Icons even today.

As a result of their sheer timelessness of their fashion and style, they have become classic Hollywood fashion icons. Take a look at the three most iconic divas of Hollywood who have left a mark in the fashion industry.

3 Top Most Classic Hollywood Fashion Icons:

1. Audrey Hepburn

Remember ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’? The classic picture of Audrey Hepburn in a high bun wearing an all-black cocktail dress with pearls shining back at us is stuck in most of our heads and we all agree that her style speaks for itself as it is timeless and everlasting. The pieces she wore half a century ago are still very much in vogue.

Pieces like a striped top, a plaid shirt, midi skater dresses are practical pieces that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Her haircut was a no-hassle pixie cut and her overall style was laid back and classic.

2. Grace Kelly

Once a pin-up girl, Grace Kelly ended up being the princess of Monaco and created a style statement of her own. Perhaps her most talked about look even today is her full sleeved lace wedding gown that left a lot of women swooning after, not just in that day but even till this day, bride-to-be’s hunt for gowns that are inspired by Grace Kelly’s original.

She also dressed up as a power woman with clothes that were of tailored fit and cinched at the waistline and, she also had an impressive collection of headwear like hats and scarves and a lot of people give her the credit for kick starting the shirt dress trend.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Embrace the playfulness and flamboyance of Marilyn Monroe, if you love color and flash. Her signature blond brushed up hair and dresses with a feminine touch are hardly forgotten. If you are someone that is bored of the pant-suit routine that she is the icon you need to mimic.

Halter and plunging necklines were her favorites and she wore dresses that made her curves look, well, curvier. Put on that red lipstick, strap on a pair of stilettos and you are all set to follow this icon!

Old-fashion does not mean old-fashioned. For all you know, you might just end up adorning one of these Classic Hollywood Fashion Icon looks!

Modern Day Hollywood Fashion Icons!

1. Blake Lively

It is to no one’s surprise that Blake Lively features on our list of modern Hollywood Fashion Icons! From the moment she stepped into her acting career, girls all over the world have been wanting to be just like her!

2. Kate Hudson

It is almost impossible for you to not fall in love with Kate Hudson’s sense of fashion. She is a picture of perfection. And her level of elegance is always mixed with a sense of style that no one can compare to!

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson, the bushy-haired ‘know-it-all’ from Harry Potter is now ‘classy and elegant’. She has shown us what it is like to be super smart and still steal the night away. She is classy in her own way and we love that about her!