Belt bags are known by various names such as moon bag, belly bag, bum bag, or the fanny pack. They were declared the most trending fashion product of the year back in the 80s. A belt bag is a small bag worn utilizing its strap on your waist, shoulder, or on the hands. By the start of the 2000s, the reputation of this versatile bag began to go down. Now the belt bags have made a comeback and seem like it is here to stay for good. As the current fashion trends are more concentrated on defining the corsets, and waist, these belt bags are turning out to be the ideal match for complimenting everybody’s style.

As you set out to integrate the belt bag into your wardrobe, take your cues from the models and celebrities who know how to work the look for this time. If you’re willing to test this trend but don’t how to use a belt bag, have a look at pictures on the internet instead. It just has to have a long strap so you can easily wrap it around the waist a few times till it really fits, and you will be good to go.

Unique Trends to Wear a Belt Bag

Belt bags are the most famous and trending bag out in the market. There are many options to wear it. You can modify it according to your preferred style and preference. Below, we have shared some attractive ways you can wear your belt bag with:

Match With Your Pants

It is not impossible to choose to wear a belt bag to be worn on your waist, paired with the pants. But, you’d never desire to appear similar to some travelers, who just carry such a stylish belt bag only to keep their belongings close to them. Try pairing the bag with high-waisted pants or jeans. To do so, tuck one side of the shirt and wear the belt over the shirt from another side. Try it with neutral colors and look beautiful every day.

Surrounding Your Waist

The most stylish way to wear a belt bag is to tie it around your waist. You could style it around your hips as well – around the smaller portion of your waist, or through your belt loops. You would also love pairing your black-colored belt bag with your skirt for an edgier look. Belt bags are also extremely comfortable as they are not tight. Wearing it around your waist is a great style when you’re shopping or out and do not want to carry a bag with yourself.

Holding It in Your Hand

When you are too busy to strap a belt bag around your waist or throw it over your chest, you may hold it in your hand. It is a natural, simple, and straightforward choice. It is an intentional style statement, and it lets your bag stand out. Moreover, this way of wearing a belt bag is excellent for a casual outfit or outing, so you look formal. Who doesn’t like keeping everything in a bag while having her hands free for photography, right?

Wearing on Your Shoulder

Traditionally, belt bags are worn around the waist, but if not, you can be open to the newest trends of fashion. By doing that, you will acquaint that wearing such belt bag across the shoulder is a fashionable twist on the classic fashion statement nowadays.

Wear It as a Crossbody

You would prefer slinging your belt bag over your shoulder to wear it like a crossbody. This gives you a model-type look. You will admire how convenient it is to wear it this way. This is the easiest way to style it with any outfit this summer. Try this way with your next top and jeans combo for an instant update to a ready-to-go look.

Classy Below the Knee Look

This summer, different below-the-knee coats are the latest fashionable jackets of this season, and they bring a pulled-together and even more sophisticated look with them. Focus on enhancing your look with a well-designed belt bag. It looks more like a purse on a belt than any of your large-sized bags.

Belt Bags Make You Look Cool

We all know that animal prints on clothes give an attractive vibe, and there’s no better way to take it to the highest other than a belt bag. Spend on a marvelous option of a good-quality belt bag and wear it diagonally across your favorite leopard-print dresses, skirts, or shirts.


The usual chances are that if you’ve been paying attention to fashion trends, you’ve seen the comeback of the belt bag in all the most prominent fashion shows this year. Also referred to as the “fanny pack,” this retro-style trend has returned, and you have to show how to wear it with a unique, classy, and attractive style. If you want to rock the day and make a bold statement, you need a belt bag right away. Use bag belts to glam yourself up. Don’t forget to flaunt your style!