As part of its ongoing commitment to empower females and inclusivity, Fashion Nova has started a new program named “Women on Top,” partnering with Megan Thee Stallion in this effort.

In the Women on Top program, grants of $25,000 and up are given to women entrepreneurs and women-led organizations. The recipients were pre-selected, and will be getting their awards through the month of March. These funds are intended to support female-focused charities and organizations, education, and women-owned businesses.

Female empowerment, advocacy for diversity, and advocacy for inclusion have always been part of Fashion Nova’s guiding principles, according to Richard Saghian, the company’s founder and CEO. Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion says that the donations will be life-changing for the recipients, and they will help women of all ages make their dreams into realities.

Some of this month’s recipients include:

  • Girls, Inc.; an organization that helps give underserved girls the tools needed to overcome social, gender, and economic barriers
  • Casa de Esperenza, which has a mission to build on the strengths of the Latin community to end gender-based violence
  • The SCJR Educational Initiative, which provides both scholarships and self-confidence to aspiring models
  • Just B, Massachussetts’ only specialty boutique that is owned and operated by women of color
  • Black Women for Wellness, a nonprofit that is dedicated to the health, well-being, and empowerment of black girls and women
  • Helping Houston Rebuild, to help rebuild the home of Lolita Lee
  • The Breonna Taylor Foundation

Most winners of the Women on Top Awards have received $25,000, but some, like the Breonna Taylor Foundation, have received as much as $100,000.

Prior Fashion Nova Initiatives

Fashion Nova has also awarded relief payments to those it believes are in need and deserving of funding. These winners are individuals rather than organizations, and some of their stories or statements are listed along with their names.

The Fashion Nova Cares program, which ran in May of 2020, was run in partnership with Cardi B, and was meant to alleviate financial hardship caused by COVID-19. Individuals could enter themselves, or they could nominate someone for the prize. There was no apparent downside to nominating oneself, and several people were given relief to pay their rent after being laid off, to help with the expenses associated with motherhood, and to pay for food and other bills.

The current initiative is also running under the umbrella of Fashion Nova Cares, however, it is being publicized under the name “Women on Top” to differentiate it from last year’s program. This name emphasizes the change in focus toward helping people and organizations achieve long-term goals meant to empower women and promote diversity.

About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova was founded in 2006, and since then has gone on to become a leading fashion brand. It was the most-searched fashion company in 2018, leading some to say that it has “won the internet.” Its business goal is to provide a fresh assortment of styles for women, girls, and men, with the unique factor of having an expanded size range so that their styles are accessible to far more people than other brands. Not only that, but prices are kept at a reasonable level, further expanding accessibility.

The company isn’t only accessible online. It has five brick-and-mortar retail outlets in Southern California, and is based in Los Angeles. The company is known as a “quick-to-market” fashion retailer, meaning that it is able to bring new items to market without the usual layers of bureaucracy and delay that plague old-fashioned clothing outlets. Product lines are aimed for “Men, Women, Curve, and Kids,” so there are options for everyone.

This company has the distinction of having been mentioned in music by – and/or having its clothing worn by – many famous artists, including Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Tyga, The Game, YG, Megan Thee Stallion, and more.

Unlike many fashion houses, Fashion Nova doesn’t try to stick to “proven winner” styles that are also boring and stale. Instead, it adds over 1,000 new designs to its site every week! These cater to anyone who is into fashion, regardless of shape, gender, or personal style. Its mission also includes a mandate to remain affordable, rather than restricting its outfits to those who are in the highest income brackets. This sets them apart from almost all other sources of high fashion.