We’re almost halfway into 2019 and can clearly see that jumpsuits for women are here to stay. They’re all the rage for any type of occasion, thanks to their versatility and evergreen good looks. While a jumpsuit can make for a great outfit when put together thoughtfully, some find ittricky to carry off due to the fact that you’ve got to commit to your look from head-to-toe. But ladies, worry not because we have prepared the ultimate cheat sheet for you on how to don jumpsuits for women. Rock this trend and slay like the true boss you are.

Choose the Right Size of Jumpsuit

While you may feel trendy wearing a jumpsuit, you can fall victim to a major fashion faux pas if you choose the wrong fit or size. So make sure your designer suits are well-tailored. Check if the waist fits well and the legs bunch around your ankles. Neither should they be so cropped that they make you appear shorter. Once you find the correct fit and length for your body, style it right to leave a mark with your chic fashion sense.

Wear a Top or Shirt Underneath

Have a sheer jumpsuit that you can’t get much use out of? A great way to make more use of your revealing jumpsuits is to layer a solid band tee for a grunge look or a crop top underneath for a more relaxed, girl-next-door statement. You can even spruce it up with a solid or striped shirt for a formal look that will take you from day to night.

Use the Right Accessories

If a jumpsuit is flowy and unflattering on your body but is also an expensive designer suit that you don’t wish to throw away, go for a belt that matches your outfit. This will cinch in your waist and also allow you to flaunt those sexy curves. You can wear a studded statement belt for a sophisticated, polished look, fit for a party, or keep it simple with a slim black or brown belt for a casual day-out.

Add Layers on Top

Layering is a style tip that is truly a godsend and works wonderfully with any piece of clothing. If you are going for a fierce power look, layer with a classic, crisp blazer on top. If you want a more relaxed vibe, wear a longline shrug or duster coat and complete your outfit with a topknot. Another great styling tip is to layer a jacket with a belt on top of it to add structure to your ensemble while giving you more pieces and textures to dabble in.

Invest in Different Textures

A great way to make your wardrobe look versatile, even if it is dominated by jumpsuits, is to invest in jumpsuits that are made of different fabrics. A denim jumpsuit albeit blue will have a completely different look from that of a basic blue jumpsuit. A flowy georgette jumpsuit would be perfect for beach getaways whereas a slinky silk number with embellishments will nail your look for an evening soiree.

Now that you are armed with these styling tips, it’s time for you to go forth and conquer the fashion world with effortless grace.