Are you a teacher? What spikes your teaching passion? There is a lot to make you love or hate your job. Most teachers love it when they interact and talk to their students. That is what keeps them moving on their career.

Teaching career can be tiresome. Walking up and down with a lot to do may not be appealing to most teachers. It would be best if you had something that keeps your teaching spirit high. How should you motivate yourself when you are low? The article will be sharing some practical ways of keeping your enthusiasm and passion for teaching on top. The inspiration may not only work for the teachers but to anybody wishing to maintain their passion for work. Thesis Geek experts were also interested in the informative and useful secrets provided in this article.

Reflecting on your past story

Make a reflection of events that took place before you become a teacher. There is a lot you must have gone through before becoming a person you are today. That is what should make you stay motivated. When at home in your pajamas, try the following:

Make a list of all the turning points and events that took place before becoming an education professional.

Select two or three of the events from the list and think deeply about them. Try finding out the feelings you associate with the game. Analyze the obstacles, challenges, support, and lessons you associate with the events. You will find some engaging lessons to learn from the list.

There is a story behind becoming what we are today. Each one of us has a story to tell. A story or event that makes us become what we are today is the motivational factor in our profession. Reflecting on the story behind our success makes you motivated.

Celebrate your best mentor or teacher

Find out your best teacher or mentor that makes you feel great about your profession. You may need to share your experience with your friend. Describe your mentor or teacher to your friend and explain how you feel when spending together with them. Try making a reflection of how the person changed your career life or any other way he/she has impacted your profession. The positive attribute you get from your mentor, and best teacher will make you passionate about your career.

Network with persons with a similar passion

Never walk alone in any profession. Have people you share interests around you. It is a good thing to meet with other teachers in a restaurant and share the teaching profession. Meeting with other teachers to share about your career will allow you to learn more about your career and reshape your passion.

Priorities yourself

There should be a clear cut between yourself and your career. 

Your teaching profession should not eat into your self-care behavior. Most teachers find themselves soaked in their career-making them forget about their private life. Self-care behavior such as regular exercise, mindfulness, and self-compassion is vital in maintaining emotional stability and general body wellbeing.

Have a resilience strategy 

Resilience is a dynamic process of copping up with situations. It would be best if you had realistic plans to keep your motivation high. It takes time before mastering the active skill. Find out the obstacles you face in your career journey and how to address them. You must be able to care for yourself before caring for your students.

If your teaching passion is going low, know that there are ways of getting it back. Following the tips discussed above will motivate you and bring back your motivation. You will be very productive when you are working with your passion.