Freelance writing is writing for a client in exchange for agreed payment. A freelance writer is considered self-employed who works for more than one client or works for one client with recurring projects. As a freelancer, you are not under obligation to fit any company or work under a schedule. Freelance writing jobs online are more flexible with a lot of freedom because you choose when you work, from where you work from, for how long, how much you work for, what time you work and whom you work for. Basically, you are your own boss and you choose based on your needs and strengths.

Why is freelance writing perfect?

  • The best part of being a freelancer is you control the workload you deal with. If you have too many clients you can drop some. Controlling the amount of workload depends on your strength to handle them. Research has proven more than once that controlling your workload is better for your health both mentally and physically.
  • Reduced sick days. When working at an office it is very likely to contract a bug in between interactions with colleagues. Most employees spend days away from work because they have been sick and they risk infecting family members with the bug too. It is not so with Philosophy paper help because you work alone and you are not vulnerable to many infections.
  • Take as many breaks as you possibly can and sleep as much. While working in an office you are forced to focus for long periods of time with less break time. To keep your energy levels up you need small breaks to sustain concentration. Gladly, you can take a nap when you need to.
  • You control your work relations that is you can control the number of times you check on your emails and such. In office environments, most people use email to communicate and if you do not see an email you could be ignoring your boss. These heaps stress on you as you have to be constantly on the watch for work-related emails.
  • Being a freelancer, you are your own boss and choose who to work with. Some clients can be a real pain, but you can always drop them to avoid unnecessary stress. Working for bad bosses is bad for your health physically and mentally and it can even lead to a greater risk of getting heart disease.
  • Escape the long commute and unhealthy food intake. Working in an office can force you to commute and sometimes the distance is great leading to low-level life satisfaction. A freelancer working from home or nearby reduces their commuting time. When working at an office your food intake is limited by finances or by the available foods in the nearby eateries. Consequently, most people take a snack while commuting. With freelancing, you get to take a moment to prepare your own food and you are less likely to eat unbalanced meals.

All who consider becoming freelancers try to find ways to escape from office work. However, some things in freelancing remain similar to office jobs such as negotiation pay rates. Freelancing also has its highs and lows. No matter how attractive the package seems to be, prepare for the lows. Sometimes it is overwhelming when you have a good client with a good deal such as write my essay for me.