Doesn’t it suck that you can’t leave your house to do pretty much anything during the quarantine? Worse yet, you may be short on cash to do the things you have planned to do, or you could have been working on stuff in your life before it all went down. No worries, because you know what? There are tons of ways you can fill your days and get rid of the dreaded stir-crazy vibes.

1. Take a Mini-Vacation Somewhere Special

Going stir-crazy means you’re forced to be cooped up in your home, despite any motivation or incentive to otherwise get out of the house and do something. With that said, if you have the time — and God knows you do — and desire, take a drive through your state to some of the most scenic locations.

Although most businesses are closed and you’re prohibited from gathering in large groups, the law is on your side when it comes to getting on the open road and exploring the beauty within your home state. However, unless you have a work permit, there are some restrictions on traveling over state lines during the pandemic. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your loved ones to make the most of this situation and enjoy spending time together as a family.

2. Completely Change Your Menu

Most of us don’t get bored or sick of eating some of the same things every day — unless it’s our only choice. With seemingly few food options in your home, it sure gives going stir-crazy a whole new definition. Luckily, there’s no better time than now to put on your chef’s hat and try out some new recipes and/or experiment a bit in the kitchen.

Take some time to write down any new and out-of-the-box recipes. Who knows? Maybe your uninspiring options of dishes — at least according to the picky eaters in your midst — can be kicked up a notch with a little trial and error.

3. Fully Immerse Yourself in a Book

If you’re especially lonely, bored, or going through something devastating, try to lose yourself in an inspiring fictional novel featuring heroic characters or an exciting romance tale that will take your mind to a whole new world. Take the time to fully envision each scene as it’s told from the character’s point of view and enjoy it like you would a movie. You could also explore a new genre of books in which you’re typically not interested, such as sci-fi, fantasy, or romance. Reading some funny classic children’s books to your kids could also be a fun exercise.

4. Buy a New Wardrobe

Tired of seeing all your decades-old clothing laying around or collecting dust in your closet? Instead of wondering if you’ll ever wear any of these old pieces of clothing again, consider getting rid of them and refreshing your wardrobe. Donate some or all these unused possessions to families in need at a local thrift shop or homeless shelter.

Then, when you finally have some space in your drawers and closets, shop online for some pieces to add to your new wardrobe. Of course, feeling sexy and looking your best may mean buying a new set of sexy lingerie to complement your new outfits.

Say Good Riddance to Cabin Fever and Hello to Life

The future still looks a bit grim, and none of us are certain when this pandemic will ever end. But, thankfully, most of us have everything we need to survive right at our fingertips. It’s these little things that help us get through the best and the worst of times. Once things get back to normal, you know that you’ll have an even greater passion for exploring your interests or solving the biggest problems going on in your life.