Natural hair is the best for making wigs and weaves. Among all human hair sources, Brazilian hair has the highest quality. When wig-makers align the cuticles in one direction, the chances of tangling and matting becomes minimum. That breathes extra life and shine onto the natural Brazilian hair. Among all the textures, the curly waves and body waves are the most popular among the professional and fashionable African American women in the cities. It has a natural shine, bounce, and volume that can attract the attention of hundreds. With proper care and maintenance, Brazilian hair wigs can last for more than a year with regular use.

What are Brazilian hair bundles?

Hair bundle usually refers to one piece or 1 pack of natural (human) hair. When it comes from the donor, the artisan usually bundles and sews the hair onto a weft immediately. The best sellers of hair weave around the world arrange the hair, so the cuticles are aligned to one side. It minimizes the wear and tear on the natural hair during brushing, shampooing, conditioning, detangling and other heat treatments. Since it is possible to color and stylize Brazilian hair, most hair savvy women consider these bundles to be investments rather than expenses.

Why should you invest in hair bundles with closure?

When browsing your natural hair wigs, you should always consider getting Brazilian hair bundles with closure. Thin Swiss lace is the perfect way to provide a seamless finish to the wig or weave. Lace is finer than silk, and it can keep your friends guessing. They are super easy to sew flat onto the natural hair braids. They don’t stand out as most silk closures do. With the help of a hair expert, you can make your Brazilian virgin hair bundles appear to be growing directly from your scalp. It can mask your natural hair braids perfectly and give an authentic appearance.

How many bundles do you need to buy?

The most common question women ask is “how many bundles of Brazilian human hair do we need for a full-head sew-in”? The answer seems to vary from one hair stylist to another. However, here’s a rule of the thumb most reputed hair experts follow –

  1. Each hair bundle from standard sellers weighs around 3.5oz.
  2. If you are going for a length over 22-inches, you might require more than one bundle.
  • Longer lengths require at least two bundles for a full-head sew-in.
  1. If your head size is slightly larger than the standard sizes, you should consider getting more than one bundle even for short lengths.
  2. If you want a fuller volume, you should go for two or more bundles of Brazilian hair.
  3. For a length of 30-inches or more, you should invest in 4-5 bundles.

Hair bundles with closure not only provide a completely natural look, but they are also healthier for daily use. They protect the real hair. Buying the right weave style can cover your entire head, so you don’t have to put your natural tresses through extensive rounds of relaxing, straightening or perming to match the weave. They usually have lightened knots and tight-knit laces that offer more natural-looking results.