A Night to Remember

Want to have a drinking and dining experience that you will remember forever? Look no further than Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok. This amazing location offers you 360° views over the sprawling city of Bangkok, while you enjoy delicious food and amazing drinks. Whilst there are many rooftop bars in Bangkok to choose from, Cielo has a special touch because you truly feel as though you are perched upon clouds while you eat and drink.

You can find Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant on the 46th floor of the Le Luk Condominium. The location is perfect to start out the evening, as it is based in the nightlife district. This means you can begin your night by sky dining in Bangkok, and then go on to enjoy the many other bars and clubs in the area. Cielo opens at 6 p.m. and stays open until 1.30 a.m.

So, if there’s someone you want to impress, a date you want to commemorate, or you simply feeling like spending a magical evening at an unforgettable location while you are in Bangkok, then reserve a table at Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant!

What’s for Dinner?

The restaurant offers the best rooftop views in Bangkok, but it also offers incredible cuisine. You can choose from two menus: Thai or Western. The Thai menu offers delicious flavours that will give you a taste of the country’s amazing cuisine. If you want to play it safe, you can opt for the Western menu that is full of familiar dishes, such as Caesar Salad and spaghetti carbonara. Whichever menu you choose, you can be sure that your food will be cooked to perfection, and you will leave feeling full and satisfied!

Any Drinks With That?

Whilst the views are unforgettable and the food scrumptious, you can’t leave Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant without tasting their cocktails. They offer familiar classics like Cosmos and Manhattans, as well as their own unique mixes. If alcohol isn’t your thing, they offer plenty of alcohol-free options, and if you’d prefer to stick to wine or beer, they have an extensive list of those, too.

Unique Features

You already know that Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant is among the best of the sky bars in Bangkok city, but if you needed any more reasons to persuade you to visit, here are some unique features of Cielo:

Glass skywalk – Cielo boasts a glass skywalk which allows you to look beneath your feet and experience the sensation that you are suspended high above the city. Of course, it is 100% safe, but we don’t recommend it for those who suffer from vertigo!

Dining zones – Cielo offers three different dining zones, depending on the experience you want from your evening. The Capricho Zone is arty and fun, intended for those who want to take advantage of the mixologist. The Secreto Zone is perfect for lovers, offers plenty of privacy, and a view of the Bangkok sunset. Finally, the Ocaso Zone is for party people, who want to find a fun crowd to share the evening with.

If you are looking for a sky bar dinner in Bangkok that offers panoramic views over Bangkok, delicious food and drinks, and unique features in a fantastic location, then reserve your table at Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant!