Bike spinning, also known as indoor cycling, is an exercise which involves a special stationary bicycle and it benefits your whole body. From your calves to your chest. The stationary bicycle has further mechanisms fitted into itself which includes, a mechanical device to alter the difficulty of pedaling. The pedals are designed with a toe strap which makes it easier for the user to pull the pedal up. An instructor is necessary to guide the people and making their bike spinning technique perfect by making them go through simulations of cycling on different terrains for example, hills and Rocky Mountains. Instructors also use music to increase the focus and attention of the users. The best thing about bike spinning is that users can train according to the intensity they want, and this way the users will not feel burdened or in pressure.

Main movements

There are five main movements which help improve your bike spinning technique;

Standing flat: This is also known as running with hands wide on the back part of the handlebars that crosses the rider’s body. This is hand position two. Proper form for standing while running requires the body to be more upright and the back of the legs touching or enveloping the point of the saddle. The pressure of body weight should never rest excessively on the handlebars.

Jumps: This is also known as lifts and is a combination of seated and standing with riders hands at position two for durations of between two and eight seconds.

Seated flat: The hands should be at the center part of the handlebars. This is hand position one. This position should be used only when seated, for flat road simulations and during the warm-up and cool down

Seated Climb: With hands at position two, increased resistance and lower speed.

Standing climb: The hands should be wide and forward so the thumb tips are touching the far end of the handlebars. This is hand position three. The user is leaning slightly forward so that maximum force can be exerted onto the pedals with heavy resistance.

These movements benefit different parts of your body and your muscles.

Best Spinning bikes

Having a spin bike at your home is the best thing you can do to yourself. This way you would not have to buy a membership for a gym or a training class. You can easily buy spin bikes online at a very cheap price. The most trending spin bike at the moment is the Keiser M3i. It can be easily assembled and maintain making it extremely easy for the user. This spin bike is extremely powerful and has 24 resistance levels. If you want a cheaper bike which still remains worth it then you should probably go for the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B901. This spin bike is easy to assemble, is extremely stable and provides a four-way adjustable seat. It’s solid and durable and provides a smooth drive for the user.

Benefits of Bike Spinning

There are many benefits of a spin bike.

  1. Calories: You will probably burn the most calories by bike spinning. Within a 45-minute class you can burn 500 calories.
  2. Muscle Definition: In addition to burning calories, bike spinning will help you a lot in defining your muscles, especially your core muscles and thighs. While pedaling you also work on your calves and thighs. As you can alter the tension on your bike, the dynamics of your workout can change. If you want to burn fat then you should pedal faster but if you want to define your muscles you should increase the tension and pedal slowly.
  3. Increase your cardio endurance: One of the greatest benefits of bike spinning is that it can greatly increase your cardio endurance. Bike spinning can stop you getting tired after doing a small task. Since bike spinning requires a lot of stamina it can help you control your breathing which can reduce your stress level and increase your stamina to a very high extent.
  4. Low Impact: Bike spinning is the only workout that puts the most pressure on you knees and feet. Bike spinning releases the stress of getting injuries while working out as there are no chances of any possible injuries while bike spinning.
  5. Stress reliever: Bike spinning is a great way to relieve stress. The atmosphere of a bike spinning class is designed to make you socialize with people and enjoy with music in the background. While burning tons of calories you get the chance to energize in a room full of jolliness and motivating music.

Bike spinning is just like any exercise. It keeps you active and energetic. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, then just purchase a spin bike and workout to lose weight at home!