If there is one highly sought-after and photogenic marijuana product in the market, it is the shatter. Also called shatter wax or shatter weed, this extract has given cannabis consumers a potent way to take in their favorite strains. 

Much like live diamonds, this extract is created using the plant’s essential oils containing terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemical compounds. Thanks to its crystalline cannabis concentrate structure, the term shatter indicates its nature of shattering like glass.

What Is a Cannabis Extract?

Fresh or cured cannabis materials are thoroughly ground and processed to derive the essential chemicals like THC, cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD. Solvents like hexane, isopropyl, butane, or CO2 can help obtain amber or gold-colored cannabis oil, which is loaded with plant’s active compounds. 

On the next level, the combined application of heat and vacuum purges the solvent from shatter oil. The resulting solution is further processed into numerous forms like crumble, wax, honeycomb, sap, live resin, and shatter. The finished concentrate is potent and contains high-inducing THC. Remember, the THC levels in shatter can be as high as 80%. Shatters with high levels of THC tend to be sappier than those with high THC-A.

Tips to Use Shatter

A dab rig, dab pen, or a modified water pipe for dabbing are basic requirements for smoking shatter. Should you like to try concentrates, consider dab pens that are discrete, small, and inexpensive. Vaporizers, on the other hand, are plagued with issues like puny batteries and underpowered heating, which does not fetch you a hot-enough concentrate. As such, you may notice a diminished effect on the overall smoke flavor.

Dabbing is one of the popular methods with both live diamonds and shatter. You will need a dab rig and a specialized apparatus with a glass banger connected to a water pipe. Use a source of intense heat that vaporizes the material. You can even use a handheld torch or an e-nail as a substitute for an open flame.

If you are a first-time dabber, avoid holding in the smoke because it tends to cause lung irritation. Consider exhaling before a hit and inhale the smoke before blowing it out again. You may also work with smaller inhalations if you are prone to coughing.

Shatter Effects

Because shatter does not have you breathe combusted plant material, it is considered a cleaner method of consumption. Shatter also makes the first choice if you are looking to take in large amounts of THC. High THC concentration in a single hit is more potent than smoking the entire joint. This has an immediate reaction with feelings of intoxication and relaxation.

Why use Shatter

Dabbing shatter is an incredible way to have the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream quickly. Such instantaneous effects are often noticed in live diamonds as well. Nevertheless, high potency of cannabis extracts will allow for a ‘’less is more’’ approach while using your cannabis. 

Dabbing shatter will also spare you from inhaling large quantities of plant matter and obtaining the desired effects. This superior benefit will prevent persistent lung exposure to harmful chemicals and smoke. Shatter also has a stable molecular structure that prevents it from early degradation.

With legalization happening all over, purchasing marijuana concentrates like shatter is extremely easy. This potent, glass-like, matter is now the hot pick among cannabis customers.