Love Is In The Air – Or Is It?

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and love and gooey stuff, at least that’s what I thought it was about! But, here are 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts that changed my mind and the way I look at Valentine’s Day!

IMPORTANT: Remember to breathe while you roll on the floor laughing!

Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Have To See!

1. William Mark- Feisty Pets: Sammy Suckerpunch

Aww! A cute like squishable toy! Finally found perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts, right? WRONG! Do not be deceived by the adorable expression on this little toy’s face! As soon as you squeeze it, it turns into a feisty little monster!

Perhaps this would be the perfect gift if your girlfriend was secretly afraid of you going anywhere close to her (P.s. Soooooo not a healthy relationship!)

2. Silicone Egg Pancake Ring Heart

Yes, just what every girlfriend/wife wants – another reason for you to send her off to the kitchen! Really guys? I thought we were finally over the whole “Make me a sandwich, woman!” phase! Besides, in reality, we ladies don’t care if our pancakes are in the shape of hearts or in the shape of Michael Jackson’s Nose (before surgery), we just want yummy food in our tummies!

So, unless your lady shows interest in something to do with the kitchen, stay on the safe side, which is far away from any kitchen items, and perhaps she will let you live to see another day.

3. Jumbo Funny Valentine’s Day Card

Jumbo Valentine’s Day Gifts are every person’s dream! You always see in movies how a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a jumbo size card are gifted to the significant other. But, this card has a twist to it!

Apart from the fact that they have a cat and dog singing the iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’, the card is not a ‘Be my Valentine’ card, it is a RESPONSE to the ’Be My Valentine’ card!

4. Valentine’s Day Rejection Candy Heart Shirt

I’m completely baffled as to how this even made it into the category for Valentine’s Day gifts! Imagine asking someone out and being gifted this shirt in return – YIKES!

But, on the other hand, gifting this randomly to a friend, as a joke, well, I could see that happening! This ‘Forever Alone’ shirt is only made better by the fact that it is written on a heart-candy – one’s that are used mainly for valentine’s day!

5. Cute Emoji Winter Shoes

Now, I get the whole heart eyes emoji being used EVERYWHERE because of Valentine’s Day fast approaching. But, these so-called ‘winter shoes’ are hilarious! Can you imagine her reaction when she sees a shoe box and gets all excited thinking it’s that pair of heels she showed you in the shop the other day or those sneakers she saved in her wishlist online, and then she sees THIS!

Now while these shoes are adorable and all, I’m still not sure if they’re Valentine’s Day Gifts appropriate or not! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

6. Anti-Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

Ah! The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts – an ANTI-Valentine’s day t-shirt! Wait, what!? Perhaps the idea behind this shirt was actually meant for Joey Tribianni from friends, or maybe it’s just for those people who are single and proud and happy!

Coming to think of it, this anti valentine’s day t-shirt does look quite appealing now that I see the word ‘Taco’ on it!

7. I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions

I’m sure Susie here was reading a bit of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ when she came up with this little box of Valentine’s Day Gifts. If you’re really desperate for a way to spice up the night, then you should get this box. On any other normal occasion, a rose petal entrance and scented candles would do!

Of course, since we don’t actually know what the dares are in this box, it’s probably just best to keep a safe word ready before hand, and maybe get the consent from your other half before you try something new?

IMPORTANT: DO NOT mail this to your work spot under any circumstances!

8. Valentine’s Day Paper Planes For Kids

Whoever said that kids can’t fall in love! Agreed but, the instructions given is the hilarious part!



I really don’t think this product is child-friendly after a description like that!

Also, why would you need 28 – TWENTY-EIGHT cards!?!

9. Just Paper Roses Toilet Roll

I bet your significant other was looking for just these Valentine’s Day Gifts – toilet paper rolls! *sarcasm intended*

But, if your other half has a good sense of humor AND you have another gift ready, I strongly suggest that you buy this gift for them! It would be hilarious to see their faces when they open this gift – the look on their face ought to be satisfying enough (especially when you get beaten up after!)

10. Trump Bragging Card

This hilarious Valentine’s Day Gifts card is exactly what it would’ve sounded like if Mr.President had to speak about this card (I can even picture him doing his weird shrugging-the-shoulders-and-rolling-his-eyes thing while saying this). While this card mocks his way of talking, we can’t really say all that much about offending Trump because let’s face it – He did win in the end!