Himalayan salt lamps have been used for home décor for many years. The Himalayan salt lamps are carved out of the Himalayan pink salt which is a unique kind of salt found in the Himalayas and is somewhat considered similar to the regular salt. The pink salt actually gives the salt lamps their beautiful decor qualities which is why they have become popular in home décor.

Real Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

The Himalayan salt lamps are believed to provide some health benefits also. It is believed that these salt lamps can purify the air and create a nice soothing effect in the room, which further leads to a relaxed environment. You can sleep better in such a room and it keeps you in a good mood.

While the health benefits of salt lamps do remain disputed, their beauty in décor cannot be denied.

How to use salt lamps for décor?

These salt lamps can create many beautiful decorations for you. It depends on where and how you design it.

Create a cozy, aesthetic bedroom

Salt lamps can look very beautiful in a bedroom. They can create a very aesthetic and very artistic room décor. If you have a nice cozy bedroom, adding salt lamps to the décor would just add to the beauty of the room. Think of them as the other ordinary lamps, put the salt lamp where you would put the ordinary lamp. You can also make the room more aesthetic by adding some really aesthetic wall art, something like stars or whatever you like, and your side lamps will look perfect in this setting.

These are beautiful lights that can very easily replace ordinary lamps.

Create an impression with a beautiful drawing room

Creating a good comfortable setting for drawing room is very easy. And the setting can be enhanced by adding some Himalayan salt lamps. You can use more than two or three lamps. Make a corner of these lamps and put them with the rest of the decorating pieces. They just add to the beauty of everything.

You can use Himalayan salt lamps to decorate any part of your house. They look beautiful everywhere and bring a more artistic touch to the room.

Create your very own art room

If you are an artist and want to design a very artistic room that fits your mood and helps you focus and has a very calm, peaceful effect to it, you would need lamps to do the work for you. They look highly artistic, watch them with lights turned off and it is one of the most beautiful sights ever. Turn off the lights, put some soft music on and there you go that’s all you need to perfect your artistic room.

Study peacefully with a salt lamp by your side

It’s always good to have something relaxing on your study table. Salt lamps do look calming, keeping aside their disputed chemical benefits, but something so beautiful is always soothing for the eyes. So, keeping it on your study table will help focus better and have a fresher mind as you do your work.

A beautiful wall art

If you have good access to original Himalayan salt lamps why not use them to decorate your walls. Just like you put frames up to decorate your walls you can also use salt lamps to decorate. Almost about 15-20 lamps would be sufficient to create an appealing wall beautifully decorated with salt lamps.

Carve salt lamps into different shapes

Another good thing about Himalayan salt lamps is that they can be carved into other shapes. If you have any special shape in your mind like a moon, you can get a salt lamp in that shape. Even though they look the best in their own original shape, they look more aesthetic, however, you can still cut them in any other shape.

Salt lamps are inexpensive

If you are looking for some very aesthetic but low price decorative for your home, these Himalayan salt lamps would be the best option for you. They are available at low prices and are easily available on some of the best sites to buy Himalayan salt lamps. You can buy multiple of these salt lamps without getting out of your budget.

Beware of scams

There are many fake Himalayan salt lamps available in the market. Many Chinese products are going around in the market, but these are not real. This salt comes from Pakistan, and they have the original Himalayan salt lamps. Make sure that you buy from a dealer who is authentic and has the original Himalayan salt lamps.

Best Site To Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps

These Himalayan salt lamps are available online, in case you can’t find a shop in the market. The best site to buy Himalayan salt lamps is Fab Glass and Mirror. They have many salt lamps available at good prices.

Alibaba.com is another best to buy a Himalayan salt lamp. They also provide a really good salt lamp at good prices.

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