Are you looking to refresh your face? Even with the best in healthy lifestyles, age and sun exposure can take a toll on our best facial features. While surgical procedures do offer a number of great benefits, there are many non-surgical procedures that can help you to achieve your cosmetic goals.

But how do you determine which of these non-surgical cosmetic treatments are going to be right for you and your aesthetic goals?

Consider What Your Goals Actually Are

Most of us can look in the mirror and quickly identify the areas that we’d like to get treated. Perhaps it’s a sagging jawline or a nose that just doesn’t look symmetrical. Perhaps it’s deep forehead wrinkles or lips that seem less plump than they were when we were younger.

So how do you learn about what is possible? According to the experts at epiclinic, a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will help you to best determine the treatments that will help you to address your areas of concern. You may just be surprised at the number of non-surgical options that you have available to you.

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

There are some great options for non-surgical treatments that can address areas of concern on your face, including the following.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections. This is one of the most popular choices in treatments, and can provide results for several months at a time.
  • Dermal fillers. Fillers can be used to achieve results like plump cheeks, luscious lips, a restored jawline and even treat issues with the profile of the nose.
  • Skin peels. There are a number of options for peels, with most simply removing the uppermost layer of skin cells in order to reveal the fresh young skin beneath.
  • Microdermabrasion. This treatment unblocks pores, exfoliates and can help to boost the body’s natural production of collagen.

Discussing your cosmetic facial goals with your doctor can help to determine which option is the best for your skin.

Non-Surgical Body Procedures

There’s no need to undergo surgery in order to achieve some of the cosmetic results you’re looking for. Certainly, surgery can help you to get some really great results, but there are a number of other options to help you look and feel your very best.

  • Laser hair reduction. This procedure can help you to reduce the appearance of hair on the body, but it can also be used on the face. Men and women can both benefit from this procedure.
  • Butt lift, using CoolSculpting. This procedure targets fat in order to produce a rounder firmer look to the buttocks.
  • Fat reduction, on thighs and hips. CoolSculpting is an alternative to liposuction and can be used to target stubborn fat on the body.
  • Reducing excessive sweating. While this may not produce cosmetic results like most would expect, reducing excessive sweating can have great life and lifestyle benefits. Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and can impact your self-confidence. A series of injections can help to control this concern.

Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles or those circles under your eyes, or perhaps have fresh youthful skin, you’ll appreciate the benefits that non-surgical cosmetic procedures can bring you.

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