Dress to Impress – Body Shape Guide

They say the happiest people know themselves. Only if you know yourself, your body and your mind, are you capable of complete happiness and peace of mind. That joy is enough for a radiant face and a wide smile. But, sometimes you need a little help figuring out how to dress for your body type!

Choosing outfits and dressing becomes stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. A lot of people make fashion blunders because they are ignorant of their bodies and its shape. What looks great on a mannequin or the model on the advertisement might not look good on you for this reason. Make the best use of your body by learning how to dress for your body type and turn heads your way. Revamp your wardrobe with what suits your body best with our foolproof style guide.

Dress For Your Body Type

Hourglass Figure

This body shape entails a slim waist and well-balanced shoulders and hips. This is a coveted curvaceous body type. Make the best use of your assets – slim waist and proportionate hips/bosom with well-fit clothes.

  • Crop tops, low waist jeans, clinch belts and V-neck tops compliment your body shape.
  • Jackets and sweaters that make the best of your tiny waist are definitely in!
  • Figure hugging dresses with thin fabric are your thing.
  • Show off your top and bottom assets with perfectly tailored clothes.
  • Experiment with patterns and colors, as this is the most versatile body shape available.

Celebrities who share your body shape include Scarlett Johannson, Kim Kardashian, and  Priyanka Chopra.

Apple/Round Figure

Women with well-rounded curves who have a less-defined mid-section constitute this body shape. Here the waist and hips are large; almost the same size as the broad shoulders. Your main assets are your long legs; flaunt them! Learn how to dress for your body type:

  • Indulge in high heels to accentuate their length and definition.
  • Rock shorts and well-fit jeans to show off your pretty peepers.
  • Hunt for ways to elongate your torso – experiment with checks and stripes to create the illusion of a longer torso.
  • Use broad, patterned belts in contrasting shades and jackets and tops clinched at the waist to add some definition to your mid-section.
  • Drape your shawls on one side to maintain balance.
  • Avoid any type of pleated material.
  • Use V-necks to your full advantage.

Celebrities who share your body shape are Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, and Jennifer Hudson.

Pear/ Triangle Figure

Women who have a well-defined mid-sections with leaner shoulders and necks have pear-shaped bodies. The hips are wider than the shoulders here, with a prominent neckline and a lean neck. How to dress for your body type:

  • Make the best use of embellished tops and blouses to balance out the wider hips. Go for tops with collars, prominent sleeves, trumpet sleeves and shoulder pads.
  • Loose tops with fitted jeans suit you well.

Celebrities who share your body shape are Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera.

Inverted Triangle Figure

Athletic women usually have this body shape, with broad chests and busts, and narrow waists and hips. Your best assets are your long legs and tiny waists. Learn to dress for your body type:

  • Go for high waisted jeans, hot shorts and mini-skirts to flaunt your legs.
  • Avoid the use of heeled shoes, as your legs are already long.
  • You can bring your broad shoulders to the limelight with off-shoulder tops and blouses, or bring attention to your petite waist with belts and jackets clinched at the waist.

Celebrities who share your body shape include Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, and Renée Zellweger.

Rectangular Figure

Women with rectangular bodies have features with the same width – shoulders, waist, and hips. Their body is usually lean, with athletic arms and legs.  How to dress for your body type:

  • Show off those arms and lean legs with sleeveless, spaghetti and off-shoulder tops.
  • Go for boat or scooped necklines to create curves.
  • Draw attention to your legs and drive attention away from your torso.
  • Experiment with light colors. Stay away from monolithic colors. Go crazy with patterns and designs.
  • Choose fabrics that stick to your body and creates waves and frills, like crepe and satin to give you the illusion of fuller curves.
  • Ankle and knee high boots are your go-to’s.
  • Sundresses also suit you well.

Draw inspiration from celebrities like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, and Taylor Swift, who share your body type.

Petite Figure

This applies to small, short women, where the most prominent feature is the height. All other features don’t matter that much when the most discerning feature is the woman’s petite frame. Your dressing style will depend on what shape your body has, but keep these tips in mind while learning how to dress for your body type.

  • Invest in high heeled shoes, and pay special attention to your hair to add height.
  • Pay special attention to the detailing and pattern work.
  • Do not hesitate to show skin; this creates the illusion of height.

Celebrities who share your body shape include Eva Longoria, and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette of TBBH fame).

Plus-Size Figure

Usually, women over a size 14 come under plus-size. Here’s how to dress for your body type.

  • Go for monochrome, but experiment with small patterns as well.
  • White is usually unforgiving on camera. Black is slimming, but don’t abuse it.
  • Go for stripes that angle inward, and vertical panels.
  • Empire waistlines are your saving grace. Baggy clothes are unflattering. Rock your wholesome body in well-tailored creations!
  • Do not go for bold prints; instead, use tiny motifs and designs.

Celebrities who share your body shape are Octavia Spencer, Queen Latifah, and Melissa McCarthy.


The most important thing is to remember that no body shape is absolutely perfect. Flaunt your body and be confident about it! Confidence is key here.

A woman’s best asset is her smile; everything else comes only after that. Choosing the right kind of clothes for your body is a great way to boost your self-esteem; you feel good when you look good.

Take cues from celebrities who share the way to dress for your body type and show it off the perfect way. So go ahead, ladies! Woo yourself and everyone else as you meditate upon what’s best for your body and indulge in some retail therapy!