Men are tricky fellows. At times they say one thing and then do the complete opposite. As such, it is difficult for a woman to tell if her boyfriend is serious about her. You could have been dating for some time, say six months, and things are moving along pretty well, but you are not sure if the relationship is headed anywhere. It is understandable and justified to worry that you may end up wasting your precious time only for the relationship to end when you thought it was going to the next level.

So, how can you tell that your guy is serious about you?

He Openly Wants To Be Exclusive With You

You can tell your boyfriend is serious about you if he expresses that he wants your relationship to be exclusive as couple. The man does this out of his own volition and leaves nothing unclear as far as where you stand in his life. On the contrary, if he does not express it and you are not sure if you are exclusive, your boyfriend is most likely not serious about you. A guys who is serious about you will let you know that he want a relationship with you alone. He will clearly state it, leaving nothing for you to decode for yourself and risk you being taken by another guy.

Your Boyfriend Makes You His Priority

Don’t we all have lots of things to attend to? Certainly yes, but we make time for who or what we value. Your boyfriend could have a crazy schedule between work, studies, and other commitments, but he makes you his priority. That is a sign he is serious about you. He tries to call you during the day, or meets you for coffee despite a crazy schedule. Even if you met online through a dating site like Happymatches and lives far apart, he goes out his way to chat with you or call you. Despite having friends to spend time with and other activities to do, he makes you feel on top of his list.

He Considers You As He Makes Future Plans

Although a seemingly small thing, a man who makes plans about the future and includes you shows he takes your relationship seriously. If your boyfriend plans an activity with you in several months to come, like a romantic vacation, he is ready to stick with you for long and is serious about you. It could also be about where to take up a job or rent a house to accommodate you or see you more often, for example when you are at an internship, studying, or working.

He’s Made Efforts To Make You Meet His Family And Friends

What would indicate stronger or better that a guy is serious than introducing you to those who matter most to him? Those that are only after a casual fling will not introduce you to their friends or family since they do not intend to have you around for long. However, a serious man will not hesitate to have a lady he is serious about meet his friends and family, even if the lady is older, of a different race, and so on. Since his people want him to be happy, he is signaling to them that you make him happy by introducing you to them.


You can tell that your boyfriend is serious about you by several indicators. Indicating that he wants to have an exclusive relationship with you is a good sign, as well making you his priority, planning the future with you in mind, and introducing you to those close to him.