The word MRI mostly comes into picture when medical practitioners want to look inside a person’s mind and body to find debilitating human health problems. This path-breaking diagnosis system can help healthcare professionals obtain a plethora of information like structural images, MR images of the brain, and even the progression of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Which Organs are Scanned using MRI Process?

The MRI method can be used to scan vital body organs. The list goes like this:

  1. Brain
  2. Spinal cord
  3. Head
  4. Abdomen
  5. Bone
  6. Joints
  7. Heart
  8. Blood vessels
  9. Kidneys
  10. Liver
  11. Breast
  12. Womb

Is the Radiation from MRI Machines Harmful?

MRI means heavy exposure to radiation, but fortunately, the radiation produced by MRI machines is not Ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is known to change the structure of the tissue. It also has a significant impact on the make-up of the atoms. This kind of radiation is used in processes like X-ray, PET (Positron Emission Tomography), and CT (Computed Tomography). MRI, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves and magnetic fields. Both radio waves and magnetic fields do not fiddle with the chemical properties of the tissue and are harmless for the human body.

Is the MRI Tunnel Safe?

Most people who have to go through an MRI, get anxious at the thought of going inside the tunnel.  Going inside a narrow tunnel and staying there can be scary, especially for claustrophobic people. The good news is, this tunnel is entirely safe. It doesn’t get any narrower than it already is, and no, it doesn’t collapse. The process of MRI needs this tunnel to be tight because the narrower the tunnel, the better the images as a result of the uniform field.

What’s That Noise?

MRI machines make a lot of noise. Most of the sound comes from the radiofrequency gradient coils fitted within the shell of the MRI scanner. Furthermore, the magnets and other parts are continuously shuffled around to create the image needed for the diagnosis. All this moving around of the magnets and other parts creates loud clunking and banging sounds. This noise can be loud, and that is why the patients are given headphones or earplugs for their time inside the tunnel. The noise produced by an MRI machine is not dangerous in any way other than the fact that it can be loud and can startle the patient, who is supposed to stay still as the images are captured.

Why do you need to be Metal-Free for an MRI?

An MRI machine has huge magnets fitted inside it, and the magnetic field of these magnets is always on. This means that there’s a magnetic force of 60,000 times and more working inside an MRI, and any metal object entering the room can speed up to a whopping speed of 90 km per hour and can quickly transform into a life-threatening weapon. Therefore, it is essential to keep all the metals out of the electromagnetic radiation. An MRI radiographer hence checks for every metal piece on a patient’s body before they enter the room. This step involves checking for metal implants as well. Some medical metal implants are allowed in the procedure while some have to be removed for the process.

Hospital or a Diagnostic Center?

A patient can opt to avail of an MRI at a hospital or a diagnostic center. A diagnostic center is fast becoming the place of choice for most people because of the convenience these places offer. They are also affordable as compared to hospitals. Here are a few of the advantages of choosing a diagnostic center for getting an MRI done.

One Place for All Kinds of Tests

Going for an MRI at a diagnostic center means a patient gets access to all the tests like blood tests, advanced scans, and more under a single roof. There is no need to go from one to another; first, for the tests and then to collect the reports.

Latest Medical Equipment

Unlike hospitals and other health care setups, patients get access to the latest medical equipment at diagnostic centers. It results in more precise test results and better diagnosis.

Easy Accessibility

With a growth in the number of diagnostic centers, patients do not have to travel far for their tests. They can easily visit a nearby diagnostic center and get themselves tested.

Affordable Testing

The diagnostic center offers several diagnostic packages at an affordable price. The cost of tests at the diagnostic centers are always lower than their fee at the hospitals.

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