In a world of deadlines, stress, and workload, finding time for yourself can be difficult.  However, if you are like most people, your self-confidence matters, and being put together is a huge part of how you feel about yourself.  The more presentable you are, the better and more confident you feel.  When you look at your best, you feel your best.

For many, a makeup routine is an integral part of who you are.  And within that routine, your eye makeup can be especially important because of how much your eyes are noticed.  But if you operate on a busy schedule, applying and removing makeup every single day can be time-consuming, especially your eye makeup.  What if there was an easier way to apply lash enhancers without spending time and effort really applying makeup or messy adhesives?  Well, thankfully there is because of a new beauty product known as magnetic lashes.

The Rise of Magnetic Lashes 

Magnetic eyelashes are a fairly new trend and are absolutely an easier alternative to regular false eyelashes.  They are marketed as having all the benefits of false eyelashes without messy adhesive or application process.  However, some people may ask the question, “are magnetic lashes safe?” After all, the idea of a magnet so close to your eyeball may cause some anxiety at first. The short answer to that question is yes they are safe.

The liquid eyeliner that adheres to the lashes onto your existing lash line contains iron oxide, which has an extremely low-grade electromagnetic frequency. In fact, iron oxides are mineral deposits that are found in a number of other existing makeup and skincare products. It is so common that the FDA has approved it for usage in several kinds of products that come into direct contact with human skin.

On top of that, before any type of lashes goes on the market, they undergo extensive testing to ensure that they are adhering to the guidelines put out for them by the FDA.

The Potential Risks

Of course, there are certain risks associated with magnetic lashes, just like with traditional lashes. If they are not removed properly after usage, they could damage your natural eyelash growth. The most important thing to keep in mind is how you remove the lashes. Pulling them off in an incorrect manner can pull your natural lashes out as well. It is also possible that getting any type of foreign substance in your eye could potentially cause an infection.

As long as you remove the lashes according to the instructions, and wash your hands, the possibility of getting any type of infection is fairly rare.

Allergic Reactions

People may also be worried about being allergic to the eyeliner that adheres the lashes to your eyes. Approximately 10% of people who wear traditional false lashes with lash glue have allergic reactions to the glue, but only 1% of people who wear magnetic lashes have an allergic reaction. All of the ingredients commonly found in magnetic lashes are safe to use and low-hazard non-toxic according to the EWG ingredient rating system, a system that analyzes and rates individual ingredients according to their toxicity.  However, at the end of the day, the EWG is a broad organization and their site can only go so deep, so you should not use it as your only source of information when trying to determine the safety of cosmetic products.  Test things yourself and see how your skin is affected!

Magnetic lashes are much easier, gentler, and less disruptive for your eyes overall, whereas using false eyelash glue can actually form a “seal” on your eye that can trap moisture on the lash line which is breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria.

 A Fair Warning 

It is a good idea to test magnetic lashes before wearing them out, to make sure they work for you specifically. Everyone’s eyes and skin is different, and everyone’s sensitivities maybe just a little bit different as well.

Another thing to consider before deciding to use magnetic lashes would be if you are sick, have a pre-existing condition, or have any kind of allergy to avoid all types of false eyelashes just to be on the safe side. Of course, if you do have a reaction to any type of lashes, stop using them immediately, and seek medical attention. Additionally, always remember to remove magnetic lashes before getting an MRI, as this can be extremely dangerous.

In Summary 

All things considered, magnetic lashes can be an excellent and safe way to add to your look when used properly.  If you are tired of applying and removing mascara every day but still need your lashes to pop without costing hundreds of dollars monthly, maybe magnetic lashes are for you.