BLACKPINK, this four women K-Pop group is making big in the US. This group brings a blend of pop confections and hip-hop brashness. Their moves are highly choreographed. The video of their song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ also became the most watched YouTube video within a span of 24 hours and then it became the most watched K-pop video in YouTube history.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Kill This Love, this next album of the group also achieved a great success. Here is a fact that makes their success more remarkable. This group has performed only one show in the US and you can find BLACKPINK clothes for sale online. There are fans searching for BLACKPINK stage outfits on the web. The group also performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

This shows that K-Pop, BLACKPINK, in particular, is a lot bigger than what we think. Jeff Benjamin, who writes columns for The New York Times and Billboard, also recognizes the fact that K-Pop artists hold a significant place in the American music scene. It is an important moment for the K-Pop.

The group BLACKPINK is formed by YG Entertainment Inc. This shrewd media company has also helped popular K-Pop acts like PSY in achieving global fame. This media company is now a one-stop shop bringing homegrown talent to the global audience.

YG Entertainment Inc recruits, trains and manages artists. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa has trained for years. The presence of the major US labels is not that big in the regional K-Pop scene.

BLACKPINK releases one music video, a single and full album all at the same time. It is certain that the people running this media company have the western audience in mind. PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’, this video became the first YouTube Video to get more than a billion views. In fact, the former US president Obama also commented on the craze of ‘Gangnam Style.’

Who is responsible for all this? It’s YG Entertainment Inc. After PSY, now BLACKPINK and BTS (a seven-member K-Pop boy band) are taking K-Pop to the next level. In fact, PSY’s Gangnam Style was a harbinger for future popularity and success of BTS, BLACKPINK and other K-Pop artists and groups.

Just like BLACKPINK, BTS has also earned a dedicated fanbase. This group has appeared on the covers of Billboard and Time. This group has also made memorable appearances on major TV and award shows. BTS has also appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

Arjan Timmermans lists three main factors driving K-Pop globally. First of all, there is a sense of optimism linked with K-Pop. K-Pop brings colorful aesthetic which is very appealing.

This genre of music provides you with a perfect escape. And then there is a vibrant personality of K-Pop. Each group has different characters and these characters appeal to different fans. These characters are like superheroes.

The third factor is the most important factor contributing to the huge success of BTS and BLACKPINK. K-pop artists have created their dedicated communities on social media.

There is a non-stop engagement between K-pop and fans. This engagement creates deep bond and powerful loyalty. Fans feel that they are a part of an important movement.

K-Pop and teen fans of this genre feel stronger together. The demand for K-Pop is huge on Apple Music. After PSY, BLACKPINK and BTS, there are other groups such as Tomorrow X Together achieving great success and popularity.

The demand for BLACKPINK clothes for sale is increasing just like the popularity of the group. Fans are looking for BLACKPINK clothes shop online to buy BLACKPINK stage outfits. Order yours now.