In popular culture, Botox hasn’t been given a positive reputation. Why? Well because everyone sees their favorite star or celebrity bloated up and they think they’ve gotten another dosage of Botox.

And they also happen to not know what Botox even is. Everyone just thinks it’s something you inject that makes you puff up. But Botox is far more complex than this stereotypical notion. While it may be an injection, it’s not as simple as just filling up your face with some kind of a substance.

And there are many more false rumors about the Botox injection and what it does. So if you have heard these rumors at some point in your life, hopefully these will clear up some things and show you how Botox is actually one of the most important treatments in the beauty and skin care industry.

Rumor 1: It bloats up your face

Modern day Botox injections are very easy to come across and different clinics offer their own services, treatments and compounds. For example, Botox injections in New York are quite a widespread form of facial treatment, so it’s not unusual for the results to vary from clinic to clinic. Depending on the quality of the compound, the professional competency of the staff, the outcome may greatly vary.

However, due to technological and medicinal advancements, most modern Botox injections are very successful at looking natural. Only an experienced eye would be able to see the difference. And no, there is barely any bloating of the face.

But even if these are rumors, you should still try doing a little research before visiting and making an appointment with the clinic. Look through the before and after photos and make sure that the results are to your liking.

Rumor 2: You have to go to Hollywood

Again, this may have been true at some point in time, but clinics which offer Botox are now widely available to clients all across the country, especially in densely populated and urban location.

For example, Botox injections in New York are widely accessible and very easy to find. In fact, it’s very likely you may have a clinic which offers the treatment in your neighborhood. You don’t have to traverse the entire continental United States someone who can perform the treatment.

Finding them is very easy too. Just go on the internet and look up nearby locations. Or even ask around and see if there’s someone who’s gotten a treatment themselves. It’s really nothing exclusive to your favorite film stars and celebrities. Everyone has a chance to try it out.

Rumor 3: You have to sell a kidney to get an injection

No, you really don’t have to sell any bodily organs to have a Botox treatment. Again, there’s the common misconception that because some famous personality recently received an injection, it must be super expensive.

But it really isn’t. Now, that doesn’t mean you can go to a clinic with pocket change and a coupon, but it is far more affordable than most people believe. In fact, it’s so financially accessible, that many people all over the world feel comfortable with the price tag and are able to easily fit it into their budget.

And all of the pricing information is only a few clicks away. Keep in mind, many clinics in NYC offer professional treatment at an easily payable price, but you simply have to do a little more digging. Don’t get stuck with the first option you find.

Rumor 4: It dangerous

For your information, Botox is considered to be one of the, if not the safest facial procedures in the whole industry. Thanks to constant advancements in technology and medicine, the compound has been designed to be not only super efficient at what it does, but most importantly, super safe.

In fact, it’s been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) for well over a decade. Only the smallest of side-effects have been recorded, which are very easy to deal with and which hardly have an effect on your daily life.

However, it is still advised that you speak with your doctor before signing up for an appointment with a clinic. While Botox is quite safe, you can still ever predict what effect it will have on your body. So just to be on the safe side; don’t be lazy. Consult your doctor. But know that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about with the Botox injection.

Don’t believe it all

These are only a few of the myriad of rumors about Botox debunked. Most of the others are also quite untrue, but hopefully, this will change your outlook on Botox and what it’s done for the world.

It’s not simply about looking young or like your favorite celebrity. Botox injections help people feel most comfortable in their own bodies. And if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, then where do you?