Wigs have a long association with mankind. The roots of wigs and its uses stretch to the 2700 BC or far. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians were using the wigs to shield shaved, hairless heads from the sun. They were using beeswax and resin to keep the wigs in place.

Wealthy Egyptians would wear fancy wigs and scented cones of animal fat on top of their wigs.

Gradually, over time, the wigs make their place in every household and many festivals. Be it Halloween, Birthday Party, Green Day, Christmas, or Cosplay Party. It is to be noted that mens Halloween wigs are just as popular as women’s Halloween wigs.

The wigs have also made inroads into the entertainment industry. It is primarily used to replicate ancient characters.

Besides, veteran celebrities like Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Sia Furler, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Melanie Martinez, Lady Gaga, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Tina Turner and Raquel Welch, have played the significant role in popularized the wigs among common people with their typical wig styles.

In many European countries like Britain and Ireland, wigs special wigs are also worn by lawyers, judges, and several parliamentary and municipal or civic officials as a symbol of the office.

But it is the Halloween that helped wigs to spread its wings around the world. A recent survey by Arizton found that the global hair wigs and extension market is expected to reach more than $10 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 9% during 2017-2023.

In this article, we will discuss tips to buy best Halloween wigs at cheap prices, how to make your cheap Halloween wig look amazing, and how to take care of your expensive Halloween wigs.

Tips to Buy Amazing Cheap Halloween Wigs

There is no denial that Halloween is one of the most-awaited and popular festivals worldwide. The enthusiasm, the fun, the happiness during Halloween is a delight to the eyes. The fancy costumes, delicious foods, and glamorous Halloween parties; all these are worth the wait.

However, the most striking part of Halloween is Halloween costumes. Halloween enthusiasts start the preparation for this festival, days ago. Finding the perfect Halloween costumes with the perfect accessories like Halloween wigs is indeed a daunting task and required efforts.

Buying the perfect with the right Halloween costume is inevitable. The accessories like Halloween wigs are salt to the food. Its presence might not get noticed, but its absence will.

You need to consider three primary things while buying Halloween wigs: Material, Budget, and Reusability.

1) Material: Typically, all the Halloween Wigs, including men’s Halloween wigs are made up of either human hair or synthetic hair. The wigs made up of human hair gives a more realistic look than the synthetic hair wigs. However, natural wigs are costly. But if budget is not a concern, you should buy human hair wigs for a realistic look.

2) Budget: The next step is to decide your budget. Don’t overspend on wigs. You should spend the money according to your means.

3) Reusability: Some Halloween Wigs are one-time use, and some can be used many times. So if you are planning to spend much on wigs, you should check about its reusability first. Make sure that wig is made up of natural hair and has a long shelf life.

Next, we will discuss some tips on How To Make Your Cheap Halloween Wig Look Amazing.

How To Make Your Cheap Halloween Wigs Look Amazing?

You can buy cheap Halloween wigs between price ranges of $6-$10 from the Halloween sell or thrift stores. The cheap wigs can be easily identified by its plastic material texture, imperfect and weird hairline, and poor hair density.

However, you can turn these cheap wigs into the perfect wearable Halloween wigs by merely following below tips.

  1. First of all, wash wigs with a few tablespoons of laundry detergent and lukewarm water. Hang to dry.
  2. Next, soak for 2-4 days in fabric softener. Then rinse and hang to dry.
  3. Never part the wig in the center, rather part in slightly off the side.
  4. Use the steamer to steam the hairline part. The steamer will melt the hairs a bit and reform into a position you want.
  5. Straighten the hair strands using the hair straightener.
  6. If the wig hairs’ length is not even, trim the ends and add some subtle layers.
  7. Use the baby powder to reduce the shine, in case the wig is too shiny.
  8. Using an iron, curl the hair to an inch length from the bottom. Don’t forget to cool it down using a blower or water.
  9. Use the hairspray or hair wax to make it shiny and to give the right texture.
  10. Don’t use a brush; it will frizz the ends of hair. Instead, you could use the wide-tooth comb. It won’t make it frizz out or lose the curl.

We have learned how to buy amazing cheap Halloween tips and How to make cheap wigs look amazing. In the next part, we will learn how to care for your Halloween wigs.

How To Care For Your Halloween Wigs?

Maintaining your Halloween Wigs is necessary to ensure its longer lifespan & to make it look new every time you wear. Here are a few steps about how to take care of Halloween wigs.

1) Detangle: First, carefully detangle the wig hair before you wash it.

2) Wash: Mix a shampoo in a cold water bowl and soak your wig for a few minutes.

3) Rinse: Remove the shampoo using cold water. But, do not squeeze the wig, it will detach the hairs.

4) Apply Conditioner: Apply conditioner from roots towards ends. Wash it after 5 Minutes.

5) Hang to Dry: Dry the Wig by placing it beneath the towel or hang it. Do not squeeze or rub.

6) Washing Frequency: Washing the wigs every 6-8 wearing is recommended. Washing it frequently will lessen its lifetime and make it look dull.

Don’ts for Halloween Wigs:

1) Expose To Heat: Don’t expose the Halloween Wigs to the heat as this will permanently damage and scorch the hair fibers. Please keep it away from barbeque grills, stoves, and ovens.

2) Hair Products: Use only those hair products that are specially designed for the Halloween wigs. Do not use regular shampoo, conditioner, gel, or hair spray as this will dull the fibers and lessen the life span.

3) Brush The Wigs: Do not brush the wigs when it is wet. This may permanently harm the fiber. Use only the combs & brushes that are specially designed for the Halloween Wigs.

Conclusion: Remember, you don’t have to buy expensive costumes, accessories, and wigs for Halloween. Even the cheap costumes and wigs can do the tricks. The only condition is you should be willing to do experience with it! Happy Halloween!