Smoking a cigar after a long, stressful day is viewed by many as a perfect way to relax. A lot of people feel that taking a puff actually helps relieve them of a lot of unnecessary baggage they’re carrying around. Sadly enough for these people though, this fun habit can prove to be quite expensive. Buying a pack of cigarettes of your favourite brand almost daily is enough to drain your bank account pretty soon.

But what could be an economical substitute? You’d think that there could be nothing which could replace enjoying a smoke, right? What if we say that you could enjoy a smoke without having to spend a fortune on it? Yes, now it all makes sense.

Cigarette Injector Machine

Introducing a perfect substitute, not to smoking,but to buying expensive cigarettes from outside. You can now make your own cigarettes at home with your own cigarette paper, even your own tobacco so that you can enjoy your very own cigarette uniquely create to appease your palate.

All this is possible by using a Cigarette Injector Machine. It helps you roll up your own cigarette at home. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around on the go. This means that now you can have your own smoke not just at home but anywhere you like it – at work or celebrating with friends at an after-work party.

How Does a Cigarette Injector Machine Work?

The process is quite simple too. You just need to buy your own tobacco (which you can easily find at bulk rates from a wholesale dealer). You can either go for pre-made cigarette tubes or get a rolling paper. Just fill up tobacco into the tube or paper and the machine will take care of the rest.

It’s easy and extremely time-saving too. You can end up getting a number of cigarettes rolled up in just a few seconds; much faster than doing the same process by hand.

Popular Brands for Cigarette Injector Machines

The machine is easily available online or at a number of retail stores outside as well. You will find it in both metal and plastic makes. Check them for quality, durability, and affordability before deciding to buy one. Some of the most popular brands to go for include Premier, Shargio, Zig Zag Top, RAW, Powermatic, and Zen.

Types of Cigarette Injector Machines

There are basically two versions available in this model – (a) small machines that can be held in the hand to carry out the process, and (b) larger table top models. Furthermore, each of these machines comes in both manual and electronic versions. Of course, the latter works much more efficiently and is highly time- and cost-saving both.

Can You Smoke and Still Be Healthy?

Yes and there is substantial evidence in science to prove it. One of the believable and important benefits that smoking can bring to your body is reduced weight. It is believed that cigarette smoking tends to curb the smoker’s appetite. This explains the reduced urge to gorge on food, thereby resulting in lower body weight and prevention against obesity.

Scientists also talk about a theory wherein smoking can help protect against Parkinson’s disease. The dopamine-producing neurons degenerate and die, causing the disease. But, nicotine appears to protect these neurons, therefore assisting in prevention.

Note:A cigarette-producing machine that injects tobacco into cigarette tubes is also known as a Cigarette Injector Machine.

To Sum Up

Cigar smoking, if carried out responsibly in light doses, may mean no serious harm to the body. However, if the practice does tend to harm your pocket in the long run, there’s always the option of switching to relatively cheaper machines.