You might have arched eyebrows like Greta Garbo, but the fashion trends might leave you asking for more volume! On the other hand, for someone thinning eyebrows might be the concern because of a prolonged health issue or heredity factors. Regardless of your situation, if you wish to add more volume, shape, and character to your brows, microblading could be the best answer for you!

Don’t worry! Microblading has more benefits that you can imagine! In comparison to other treatments like threading, waxing or plucking, microblading helps to develop well-outlined brows that require very minimal maintenance. To know more on this, you can contact a professional at DC Microblading and learn more. However, jumping into any treatment without knowing its basic facts is not a smart call. So, before you say the final yes, here are a few important facts that you should know.

  1. Minimum maintenance

Maintenance is crucial when it comes to your eyebrows. Microblading enables you to get fuller and well-shaped brows within your budget. You can decide how much full you want your eyebrows to be. Microblading requires very less upkeep. You probably need to visit the professional when it’s required.

  1. There’s more to it than more prominent brows

Microblading can help you get fuller brows. But there are more advantages as well. It is perfect for people with uneven and sparse eyebrows. Also, sometimes due to diet or stress we develop patchy eyebrows. It could be that the eyebrow hair doesn’t grow in a specific eyebrow spot, because of some skin conditions. It is here that Microblading can be of immense help.

  1. You will have to visit a professional for touch-ups

Most people think that microblading is a one-time process! That is not the truth. You will have to say yes to a couple of touch-up sessions in a week for best results. The number of touch-up sessions varies in a week based on an individual’s condition. No one size fits all.

  1. It’s not the same as eyebrow tattooing

Don’t confuse microblading similar to a conventional tattoo. There are many differences. And the results also vary. Microblading is not an invasive process like a tattoo. The effect is transient, and it will last for a maximum of three years. Also, it is not painful at all. Microblading might sound something complicated, but it is actually a simple process and is entirely hassle and pain-free.

  1. Aftercare is important

When you want to opt-in for microblading, know that you will have to say yes to an aftercare process. You need to stay away from activities that might result in excess sweat. Also, as your brows heal you will have to keep away from all kinds of moisture. Make sure to consult a professional, avert all types of infection and follow specific instructions. You need to stay away from saunas, steam rooms and also swimming pools.

Your eyebrows are an essential part of your face!  Thinning eyebrows can affect your confidence as well. Microblading might solve many problems. Here are a few essential things to know before you opt-in for this process.